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Management Tools

With easy-to-use tools, your teachers can eliminate distractions and unlock the learning potential of mobile devices in their classrooms. Discover our top features for both I.T. managers and teachers below.

The Digital Classroom

With Classroom Management Tools, teachers can create engaging lessons, experiment with a flipped classroom and keep tabs on each student’s learning journey.

Interactive Classes

Content tools that enable teachers to create engaging classes with interactive content like videos, web clips and URLs.

A Flipped Classroom

Features that support a flipped the classroom and introduce students to learning material ahead of the lesson.

Personalised Learning

Browser history and messaging features help teachers support each student’s individual, learning journey.

Set up and Customise

I.T. administrators can configure permissions to control exactly which actions teachers can take on the platform and manage apps for quick installation.

Configurable Teacher Actions

As the administrator, you can control which actions a teacher is allowed to perform. Administrators can create groups of devices and add teachers to the group. Each group has configurable permissions that allow teachers to perform actions such as install apps, push content to the device or modify web filter settings. 

App Installation

Pre-approved apps are linked to the device group. A teacher will be able to specify which applications are needed for a class. An application can be “required” (auto-install setting) or “recommended” (self-install setting). Teachers can easily control the app installation to the device from the linked list of apps.

Join the Class

Using class pin codes, students are able to opt-in to classes from within the mobile app. Having students opt-in, ensures that their devices don’t switch state when they are not in an active class. Teachers can generate pin codes for each class and write them up on the board at the beginning of the lesson.

Make Life Easier for your Teachers

Send Content to Device 

Define content that can be accessible on the device such as videos, web URLs and Web Clips.

Instant Actions

Keep lessons on track by locking devices, forcing eyes up, messaging a student or blocking all traffic.

Single-app Mode

Teachers can set all devices to single-app mode for improved student focus during lessons, test and exams.

Web Filtering

If enabled, this allows teachers to grant students temporary access to a website, as part of lesson.

App Metering

See what the devices are being used for and how much time is being spent in each application.

Event History

See all activity that occurred during a class and identify which sites your students visited.

Chromebooks in class? Not a problem.

Live Screen Views

Live video streams allow your teachers to oversee, in real-time, every click and piece of content accessed by a student on their Chromebook.

Multi-screen Display

The ability to display screenshots of all Chromebooks in a classroom at once on to a Teacher screen – great for making sure students stay on track.

Tab Control

Now your teachers have the ability to open and dismiss browser tabs on a student chromebook – used alongside our dynamic content filtering to minimise any distractions in class.

It’s a simple, step-by-step process

Enrol Devices
Enrol Devices
Enable Classroom Management
Enable Classroom Management
Create Device Groups
Create Device Groups
Manage It All From Your Desk
Manage it all from your Desk

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