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Our Mission

Over the past 6 years the Mobile Guardian team, led by Patrick Lawson , has been focused on using technology to create safe, collaborative and consistent learning environments in schools and extending this to the home environment as well.

For this reason, our unique platform is device agnostic and can work, simultaneously, with any Andriod, iOS, macOS or Chromebook device – relieving schools of the burden of having to standardize device deployments or restrict BYOD and 1:1 programmes.

Another feature unique to Mobile Guardian is the extension of protection to home owned devices, with our parent dashboard. Parents are as much a part of a learning environment as the teachers and students and we feel it is critical that they are granted oversight and control of the digital devices and online environment when in the home.

With a global partner network, Mobile Guardian is the MDM platform of choice for schools in North America, United Kingdom, and EMEA regions.


Manage, track, secure and protect all education related devices, whether on school property or off campus.


Manage the technology in your classroom so that you can teach with more resources and impact than ever before.


Limit time spent online, block inappropriate apps and content, and know where your child and their device is at any time.

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