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Helpful features
for parents

Limit screen time

Did you know that too much screen time is linked to lack of sleep and poorer sleep quality in both children and teenagers? Limit screen time and help your child get some sleep and develop healthy boundaries with their digital devices.

Track device and browsing history

Enjoy peace of mind and know where your child and their device is at all times. View their browsing history, see what content they access and understand how they use their device.
You’ll have all the information you need to encourage responsible online behavior.
  • Track your child’s device
  • View their browsing history
  • Understand how they use their device
  • Be alerted when something is wrong

Restrict access to inappropriate content

Protect your child from content that isn’t age appropriate or in-line with your family’s values. Block, restrict and control applications and content on their device.

Manage web content
Block, manage and monitor apps
Disable camera use
Access address book
Enforce password protection

Control between home and school

Our interactive dashboards ensure that your child’s device is compliant at school, while giving you the ability to manage the device outside of the education environment. Filtering is enabled regardless of location which means your child is protected, wherever they are – at school, at home or in-between..

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