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Mobile Guardian COVID-19 Relief Grant

Mobile Guardian’s $1 million grant helps schools implement remote classrooms and distance learning through mobile device technology.

It goes without saying that 2020 has been an incredibly challenging year for educators. Recognising these challenges, Mobile Guardian wishes to provide support through our COVID-19 Relief Grant.  Designed to assist educators and IT administrators get the most out of their mobile device program, Mobile Guardian supports distance learning and remote classrooms with Chromebooks, iPads and Android tablets. Most importantly, the cloud-based solution keeps students safe online.

In recent months, discussions on mobile device strategy have become ubiquitous in districts across North America.  Devices offer incredible opportunities for engaged and personalized learning, and immersive lessons in both virtual and physical classrooms. However, there are a number of hurdles to consider: 

  1. How do students spend their time on devices?
  2. How do you secure, school-owned devices that are going home with students?
  3. How do students spend their time during class and how can teachers take action without waiting for the IT department to assist?
  4. How can teachers create a focused, academic environment in students’ homes?
  5. How do parents feel about these devices going home?

Why Mobile Guardian

Purpose-built for education, Mobile Guardian Pro safeguards students online, empowers  teachers to create engaged and focused remote classrooms and helps K-12 districts maximise return on their mobile device investment. The easy-to-use, cloud-based solution enables management of Android, ChromeOS, iOS and macOS devices from a single platform. It offers classroom tools, secure web-filtering, as well as a district manager, and parental controls.

Mobile Guardian Pro Highlights


  • Cloud based, remote classroom tools for iPads, Chromebooks and Android
  • Real-time monitoring and Browser Tab Control
  • Instant Actions: Lock devices, Block websites, Eyes Up/Down
  • Screen share content between teachers and students
  • Messaging helps teachers communicate easily
  • Activity Timeline allows teachers to see student activity in and after lessons
  • Integration with Google Classroom


  • Cloud-based, web-filtering, on and off network supporting CIPA compliance
  • Cross-platform device management from one dashboard
  • District Manager with asset management and theft recovery tools
  • Detailed reports to aid school improvement

Digital Citizenship

  • Detailed reports and alerts to help notify the right people


  • Optional parental controls help parents control 1:1 devices at home
  • Set screen time limits and block websites to keep focus on homework

The COVID-19 Relief Grant

The $1 million grant provides support for education establishments in the United States of America. The grant contribution ranges from $1000 to $5000 towards the purchase of Mobile Guardian’s Education Pro software. Applications close 31st September 2020 and successful applicants will be notified on the next steps by October 31st.

Who Can Apply

The COVID Relief grant is available to any educational institution in the United States who either has, or is busy rolling out a mobile device program. We’re looking for innovative educators who understand the learning power behind these devices, but need support to overcome the challenges present in the digital classroom, both virtually and on campus. 

How to Apply

To apply for the Mobile Guardian COVID-Relief Grant, tell us why your district or school would benefit from the grant by completing the form below.

Your application must address:

  1. How would this grant help you overcome the demands of COVID on learning in your school?
  2. What initiatives has your school adopted to encourage digital citizenship amongst students and online safety?

Terms and Conditions

  • Applications close at 11:59, 30th September 2020 (CST) .
  • Successful applicants will be contacted no later than 31st October.
  • Available to educational institutions within the United States of America only. 
  • Existing Mobile Guardian customers are not eligible to apply.
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