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Helpful features
for teachers

Fast lesson preparation

Takes just minutes to ensure all devices are as ready as you are for the lesson by opening the browser on the correct website, confirming the correct apps are loaded and the correct content
is available.

Keep your students focused

Turn off unnecessary apps and control online access to make sure that your students aren’t distracted by their devices, but focused on the class.

Manage web content
Analyse student app and web usage
Block, manage and monitor apps
Disable camera use

Keep connected

Using digital communications via the device with the class and the teacher, students can find non-verbal ways of participating in each lesson.

Mirror student device to airplay server or Apple TV.
Send and received feedback to increase engagement.
Take Chromebook screenshots.

Minimise distractions

Easily manage multiple devices for real-time inventory management, updates and visibility of lost or stolen devices.

Location tracking
Multi-channel notifications
Simple provisioning
Operating system agnostic

Message to and from students

By engaging with students via text messaging, before, during and after class, teachers can extend the levels and duration of lesson participation and enhance retention.

Mobile Guardian for Teachers supports:

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