10 Free iPad apps for Science classes

We’ve put together a useful list of free iPad apps for science classes. Not only are all the apps free, but they come highly recommended by teachers like yourself. These apps are in no particular order and are a small selection of the many free iPad apps for science classes available. Not only will they make your lessons more interactive, but they’ll help students visualise tricky concepts.

From discovering the secrets of deep space, to meeting the animals of the deep ocean, these educational iPad apps will transform your science, biology and geography classes.

Free iPad Apps for Science classes



Let your students explore the Earth’s geological past, present and future with the EarthViewer iPad app. Discover interactive maps that chart the movement of the continents over millions of years. Described as a time machine that lets you explore the earth’s history.



Story of Life

Explore 60 years of highlights from programmes like Planet Earth, Blue Planet and Africa. Great for bringing your natural history lessons to life.



Star Chart

Take a tour of the night skies and let students explore stars, planets and constellations like never before.



The Chemical Touch

Have the entire periodic table at your fingertips and help your students ace their chemistry exam. They’ll be in their element.




Go behind the scenes at NASA and discover their latest images, missions, news and videos. A great way to get students excited about our efforts in outer space.



NASA Visualization Explorer

If your students can’t get enough of space-based research, the NASA visualisation Explorer app lets them explore earth and the entire solar system through the eyes of their fleet of research spacecraft.



Khan Academy

Access to learning resources like videos, exercises and interesting articles about a wide range of subjects, including biology, chemistry and physics.



Google Earth

Explore every corner of the globe with Google Earth for iPad. From landmarks to famous cities and every street in between.



3D Brain

Discover and explore 29 interactive brain structures. The app lets students know what each region does and how they react when injured. A great way to add an interactive element to your biology class.




A interactive game that lets students fight climate change and reduce CO2 emissions with Captain Clean. The game includes mini-quizzes and an educational movie to teach students about their ecological footprint and how to improve it.



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