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Mobile Guardian offers a complete, 1:1 solution for K-12 schools. A device management application suite that includes device management, easy-to-use classroom management tools, secure web filtering and linked parental controls. Experience a multi-OS, cloud-based solution designed for education, Mobile Guardian supports Android, Chromebook and iOS devices.

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Mobile Guardian Supports

supported operating systems

Manage multiple operating systems from one dashboard

Manage different mobile devices in real-time, from a single dashboard. Mobile Guardian makes managing countless multi-OS devices as simple as possible.

Invest in a Complete K-12 Solution

Campus brings a complete teaching solution for your online learning environment. Get the best out of your mobile device investment, whatever the operating system, with Campus.

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Create Focused Classrooms

Transform your online classroom with our classroom management tools and get the best out of your mobile device program.

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Safer Learning Online

Create a safer digital learning program with our world-class web filtering tools. Bring versatility and safety to your online learning environments.

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Guide online behaviour

Cloud-based device management to make life easier, Manage your 1:1 program of thousands of devices with quick, direct actions. Set permissions and ensure device software is kept up to date.

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Elevate Your 1:1 Program

Students benefit from classroom management software

Our Solutions

Genius offers device management applications designed for national device management programs.

The complete set. Everything educators need to safeguard, manage and transform mobile devices into powerful 1:1 learning tools.

Easy-to-use classroom management tools that empower teachers to create focused online classrooms. If students are at school or at home, monitor, engage and guide learning on mobile devices.

Learn Supported by Mobile Guardian

A set of tools to safeguard students from distracting and harmful online content, when students are learning online with their mobile device.

Safer supported by Mobile Guardian

Cloud-based, multi-OS device management that makes life easier. Manage thousands of 1:1 devices, quickly action tasks, set permissions and ensure device software is up to date.

Manage supported by Mobile Guardian

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Success Stories

Gerald O.
Learning Technology Coordinator

"Mobile Guardian is a digital learning platform that personalizes and saves student work especially for those who need to reach the learning gap. The platform offers a level of security to students' work and this cloud-based solution allows users to learn from anywhere."

South Africa

Cindy G.

"It is an extremely useful tool for schools and I find it particularly useful to get a quick snapshot of our students' activity on our Chromebooks with the customisable dashboard."

South Africa

Daniel C.
Instructional Technology Coordinator

“The customer service has been fantastic. Whenever we have had questions or concerns, we have received prompt and personalized support. It has been a very beneficial relationship.”

United States

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Learning Program

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