2020 | February Release

Well the year is well underway and hopefully some of your new year’s resolutions have stuck! It feels like this year is going to whizz past because there are some seriously exciting things in the pipeline for us this year. 

Our first release for 2020 is here! It’s set up to be a goodie with awesome new products and features and we’re pretty excited to tell you about it. 

Let’s take a closer look and see what you can expect. 

Mobile Guardian for Schools

New features 

  • Detailed Reporting for Web Activity:

     With this new feature admins can analyse and view a detailed report for an individual student or device. The report can be customised using the filters provided and find exactly what they are looking for. Lastly they can export an overview of a student’s browsing activity (PDF) or a detailed Browsing Activity report (CSV).

  • Quick Actions on Web Activity

    Admins can quickly action results from the web activity report. These include black/whitelisting urls, categories, wildcard domains as well as others. 

  • EAP Wifi

    Schools now have another authentication method for wireless association. They now have a means to authenticate users on their own domain.

  • Re-send Invites to Multiple Users

     I.T administrators at the school and district levels are now able to re-trigger invites to multiple users. This is really useful when inviting teachers to the platform. Find this new feature in the User section of the dashboard. Admins can now also see which invites have been accepted and which are still pending.

  • Eyes Up for Android

     Teachers can now use the popular Eyes Up feature to quickly get the attention of students in their classes. At the touch of a button, an “Eyes Up” screen will appear on all the Android devices.


  • Android
    • App blocking: Apps unlocked via pin on the device, will remain unblocked on the device in the event that the pin code is changed. 
    • MG Launcher: Schools can customise the MG launcher with allowed apps.
  • Chromebook Sync: Only provisioned devices will now be synced. In other words, devices set as deprovisioned, diasbled, and suspended in the Google console will not be synced across. 
  • CSV Bulk Uploads: The bulk uploaded now accepts comma and semicolon delimited CSV files. 
  • Notifications: Additional admin notifications when white & blacklisting sites.
  • Start / End classes: With the addition of the force join mechanism for our Classroom Management tool we have further improved the ability to allow teachers to start classes with an additional confirmation screen to ensure that when a teacher starts a class using Force Join, it does not interfere with devices that may still be active in another class. For example if this class is running late.


Mobile Guardian for Home


  • Android: Parents now activate the alarm on Android devices. 
  • iOS: Parents are now informed about feature limitations regarding unsupervised iOS devices.  

Mobile Guardian for Work 

  • Mobile Guardian for Work

     We are thrilled to announce that our corporate solution is here. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch with us at sales@mobileguardian.com



  • Our partner portal is here and makes it easy for our partners to manage, monitor and support their customers. Partners are now able to allocate device management licenses, manage subscriptions and co-brand their customer’s dashboards with their unique branding. If you’d like to know more about our partner program, email partner@mobileguardian.com.


We’ve taken care of some bugs and as always, continue to improve the overall experience across all the Mobile Guardian products. Look out for improvements on your dashboard and if there’s a feature you’d like to request, get in touch. 



Robyn Hobson

Team Mobile Guardian


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