5 Apps to Help Students Manage Their Time

Motivating students to study can be a very difficult task. Luckily, there are a large number of apps that have been developed to help students increase their productivity, check things off their to-do list, eliminate distractions and improve focus, and in general assist in being more organized and efficient. Below are our top 5 picks for apps that will assist in improving student time management.

Top 5 apps for Smart Student Time Management

1. School Planner app

Downloads – 10m+       Play Store rating – 4.6

School Planner is a handy app for students of all ages that was designed to help you organize your career as a student and have everything under control. The built-in calendar is highly optimized for the needs of students and allows you to manage your events and activities more easily. School Panner is your one-stop destination for planning, organizing, and managing students’ studies at school.


2. Pomodoro Timer & To Do List

Downloads – 1m+       Play Store rating – 4.7

This app is developed in relation to the Pomodoro Technique. The Pomodoro Technique is a major productivity booster that helps you limit distractions and interruptions when you’re studying. It’s a digital timer app that guides you to work for 25min at a time which is then followed by a 5 min break. After the fourth Pomodoro, students are given a longer 15min break.


3. Forest

Downloads – 10m+       Play Store rating – 4.7

Forest is an app that helps students not get distracted by their phones while working. It is a straightforward premise, when you open the app a seed will be planted and the seed will grow into a tree for as long as you do not exit the app. If students focus and resist the temptation to use their phones then they will eventually grow their very own virtual forest. What’s even better is that students are rewarded with virtual coins for focusing and these coins can be used to plant real trees through Forest’s not-for-profit partner “Tree’s for the Future”.

4. Todait

Downloads – 1m+        Play Store rating – 4.0

Todait is so much more than just a simple scheduler. It’s designed for people with massive amounts of work and people who want to create a habit of routine studying but just can’t find the right motivation. It keeps track of your performance, analyzes your progress to let you know just how much work you need to put in daily in order to achieve your goals, and reminds you when it is time to start studying.

5. Habitica

Downloads – 1m+        Play Store rating – 4.3

Habitica is the perfect app for gaming-inclined students. Homework and studying is transformed into an interactive and entertaining experience. Users are awarded points for completing tasks, such as completing Math homework. The points earned through completing tasks can be used to buy armor and weapons for their character and if they do not complete their daily tasks(homework) then their character’s health will decline. Habitica turns homework and studying into a fun game that reinforces positive learning habits.


Keeping motivated and focused on completing homework and studying can be a challenge for many, however, with the above apps this challenge can be made much easier to tackle. There are many other apps that can be utilized for the same purpose. We hope that the above-mentioned apps work as well for students as they have for us.

Digital Distractions are a big challenge in the virtual classroom. In order to improve your students’ focus and general organization during class, it is important for students to develop their own habits in terms of time management.

Read our blog post on how to overcome Digital Distractions in the Virtual Classroom.


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