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Guide: MDM migration guide for iOS devices

Considering an MDM migration? Migrating your iOS devices to a new mobile device management (MDM) platform may seem daunting. But is remaining locked into an MDM platform that no longer serves you, worth it?

To make the move as simple as possible, we’ve put together a handy guide you can follow. Our MDM migration guide is designed to help you plan, communicate and execute your iOS migration with as little pain as possible.

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There are many good reasons to undertake an MDM migration, especially one such as Mobile Guardian. Perhaps you’ve outgrown your current platform and it no longer meets your needs? Or maybe you’d like to pilot a BYOD program and your current solution prevents you from doing so. Whatever the reason, migrating to a new MDM platform will definitely be worth it.

Download our free iOS migration guide here or tap the button above.

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