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Mobile Guardian is a multi-OS, cloud-based mobile device management solution designed for education. Support your mobile learning program with our complete device management and learning solution, Campus.

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The complete set. Everything educators need to safeguard, manage and transform mobile devices into powerful 1:1 learning tools.

Easy-to-use classroom management tools that empower teachers to create focused online classrooms. If students are at school or at home, monitor, engage and guide learning on mobile devices.

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A set of tools to safeguard students from distracting and harmful online content, when students are learning online with their mobile device.

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Cloud-based, multi-OS device management that makes life easier. Manage thousands of 1:1 devices, quickly action tasks, set permissions and ensure device software is up to date.

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Success Stories

Robin F

“Mobile Guardian’s support is a lot better than our previous MDM vendor. They had terrible support and so we made the switch over to Mobile Guardian.”

Schools ICT team
Digital Integration Specialist

“Mobile Guardian were very helpful in setting us up with some test accounts. They delivered excellent help throughout the testing process.”

Maria S.

"With video conferencing I can see my students, but with Mobile Guardian I can see what they are actually doing on their devices and share my screen at the same time, it’s great."

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