Chromebooks in your classroom?

Manage Chromebooks in the classroom and out with Mobile Guardian. Purpose-built for education, Mobile Guardian is a cloud-based platform that offers educators a host of benefits. Discover more about our easy-to-use solution below.

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Top of the class!

Mobile Guardian helps teachers keep students on track, eliminate online distractions from lessons and offers teachers an extra pair of hands.

Live Screen Views

Oversee, in real-time, which sites students are browsing during class. Dismiss distracting tabs directly from the teacher dashboard and refocus students on the task at hand.

Eyes Up

Get your class’s attention at the touch of a button. Eyes Up displays a block screen on each device and requests that the student look up at their teacher.

Activity Timeline

Using the timeline you can ensure all students are on the same page. Scroll back through the class to see how the class spent their time and identify students who might be struggling and need extra help.

Chrome OS Learning Environment?
Discover how Mobile Guardian suits you.

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Safeguard and secure Chromebooks

 Support Chromebooks in your district or school with a host of easy-to-use features.

Web Filtering

Control and limit web access on Chromebooks using keyword and URL filtering. Teachers can grant temporary access to sites during a lesson.

Student Messaging

Send class-wide or individual messages to your students. Use this feature to help students with a specific task or problem, or send them feedback on their assignments.

Screen Share

From your dashboard, you can share your screen, or an individual student’s with the entire class.

Shared Device & Student Linking

Operating a shared device strategy? Mobile Guardian facilitates this, as well as seamless student linking.

Browser History

Access browser history records for each device. Understand and monitor how they are being used and pinpoint areas of concern.

Time & Location Restrictions

Switch device state based on either time or location. Different policies apply whether the device is at home, at school, or in a maths or arts class.

Metering for Chromebooks

Understand how and where time is being spent on devices. Use the data to help in decision making at a class and school level.

Application Blocking

Block distractions and cut down on time-wasting by specifying exactly which apps each Chromebook can access.

Location tracking

Curb device theft by creating alerts that trigger when the device exits a specific area. Know where your Chromebooks are at all times.

Our Solutions

The complete set. Everything educators need to safeguard, manage and transform mobile devices into powerful 1:1 learning tools.

Cloud-based, multi-OS device management that makes life easier. Manage thousands of 1:1 devices, quickly action tasks, set permissions and ensure device software is up to date.

Manage supported by Mobile Guardian

A set of tools to safeguard students from distracting and harmful online content, when students are learning online with their mobile device.

Safer supported by Mobile Guardian

Easy-to-use classroom management tools that empower teachers to create focused online classrooms. If students are at school or at home, monitor, engage and guide learning on mobile devices.

Learn Supported by Mobile Guardian

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