iPads in the Classroom?

Designed for education, Mobile Guardian is a cloud-based, easy-to-use solution that keeps students safe. Whether learning from school or at home with their iOS device.

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Manage, secure and safeguard

A set of easy-to-use, cloud-based tools to support iOS devices in your district or school.
Take a look at our popular features for your 1:1 program below.

ASM: Apple Classroom

Mobile Guardian integrates with Apple School Manager to benefit both I.T. administrators and teachers benefit from your iOS program.

Volume Purchase Program (VPP)

Utilise Apples Volume Purchase Program to purchase and distribute volumes of apps and books amongst students and teachers with Mobile Guardian.

Device Enrolment Program (DEP)

Automate the enrolment and configuration of macOS and iOS devices with DEP and Mobile Guardian for simple enrolment.

Transform your mobile

learning program

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Easily Manage iPads

Provide safe iOS devices for your district or school. Mobile Guardian provides an array of features to manage thousands of devices with ease.

Restrict Store Content

Enforce age restrictions to ensure that all store content is always age-appropriate.

Remote Passcode Clearance

Remotely clear the passcode from the iOS device without ever needing to leave your desk.

Automated iOS & App Updates

Automated updates save you time when it comes to managing your a fleet of iOS devices.

Student Linking, Mobile Authentication

Send content like Youtube links, PDFs and web clips to your iOS devices, straight from the Mobile Guardian dashboard.

Push Content Remotely

Send content like Youtube links, PDFs and web clips to your iOS devices, straight from the Mobile Guardian dashboard.

Safe Web Filtering

Manage web access on iOS devices with our safe browser and webkit plugin. Ensure every device upholds your eSafety policy.

Location Tracking

Know exactly where your devices are at all times. Configure alerts to trigger, should the device enter or exit a specific area like school or the office.

Location-based settings

Set up your policies to switch based on the device’s location. Different rules will apply when the device is at school, or at home.

Managed App Deployment

Deploy apps across your iOS devices and know that each device has exactly what it needs.

Self-help App Portal

The self-help portal that allows I.T. managers to efficiently manage and coordinate a large volume of apps throughout the school year.

Location Tracking & Lost Mode

You’ll be able to track location and remotely trigger lost mode on the device. Increase your chance of recovering stolen iOS devices.

Student Browser History

View the browser history of each device via the Mobile Guardian dashboard. Use the records to help make better decisions.

Our Solutions

The complete set. Everything educators need to safeguard, manage and transform mobile devices into powerful 1:1 learning tools.

Cloud-based, multi-OS device management that makes life easier. Manage thousands of 1:1 devices, quickly action tasks, set permissions and ensure device software is up to date.

Manage supported by Mobile Guardian

A set of tools to safeguard students from distracting and harmful online content, when students are learning online with their mobile device.

Safer supported by Mobile Guardian

Easy-to-use classroom management tools that empower teachers to create focused online classrooms. If students are at school or at home, monitor, engage and guide learning on mobile devices.

Learn Supported by Mobile Guardian

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Transform your mobile

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