Parental Controls

Our easy-to-use, web-based Guardian dashboard* creates safe online environments for children in the home. Limit screen time, ban apps and block Youtube from a mobile device and gain peace of mind on how devices are used in your home.

*In beta.



Foster Healthier Habits

Understand how your child uses their mobile device, foster healthy smartphone habits and ensure their online experience is a safe one.

Protect them from radical content

Block inappropriate apps, websites and Youtube content that is not in-line with your family’s values.

Safety first

Keep an eye on their location and set up alerts to know that they’ve arrived safely at a destination you’ve defined like school or home.

A good night’s sleep

Smartphones keep children awake late at night. Set digital curfews and limit screen time to help them get a good night’s sleep.

Make their online experience a safe one. 

Features for peace of mind

Developed for families, these tools ensure a child’s online experience is in line with family values. Discover popular features below.

Limit Screen Time

Build healthy online habits by limiting the amount of time they spend behind their screens.

Track their location

Track their device in real-time and know where they are at all times.

Control device use

Manage how they use their mobile device. Limit which apps they use and what websites they can access.

Set digital curfews

Set curfews that cannot be bypassed. Once the curfew is set, they won’t be able to access distracting chat apps.

Schedule device time

Set dedicated time slots for homework time, game time and social media time.

Ban apps and websites

Ban sites that are not age appropriate and block apps like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.* This functionality is dependent on the device.

Limit Youtube access

Block access to Youtube channels, keywords and certain videos that aren’t in-line with your family values.

Monitor online behaviour

Access browsing history and take action to encourage responsible digital citizenry.

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