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Manage Android Devices

Our mobile device management (MDM) platform enables K12 I.T. managers to remotely manage, monitor and maintain all Android devices in their school. Our multi-OS solution is purpose-built for schools and districts.

Design Your Dashboard

Tailor your Mobile Guardian experience to meet your specific MDM needs. Ensure that devices always uphold your policies and remotely manage everything from app installations, to software updates.

Your MDM, Your Way

Set up restrictions, create groups and configure alerts to keep a close eye on your Android fleet. Customise the dashboard to suit your exact needs.

Protect Your Devices

Set up restrictions to ensure that devices have the appropriate policies and settings in place. Ensure that your eSafety policy is always upheld.

Remote Device Management

Manage all Android devices from the comfort of your desk. Push apps, send content and update devices at the click of a button.

Effortless App Management

From blacklists, to bulk installation, I.T. managers can now manage their catalogue of apps with ease.

Block and Filter Apps

Limit app access by black/whitelisting apps. Have peace of mind that devices only access what they’re supposed to.

Silent App installation

Make bulk app installation easier, by installing apps silently. Mobile Guardian enables you to install apps without any user action.

Remotely uninstall apps

Remove apps from the device without ever needing to handle it. Manage app uninstallation’s from your desktop.

Features That Simplify Android Management

Enable Kiosk Mode

This means added security and fewer distractions. Kiosk mode locks down the device and confines the user to a single app.

Safe Web Browser

Filter and restrict web access using keywords and URLs. Curate exactly which sites the device can access, inline with your epolicy.

Restrict Functionality

Configure the device to meet the exact needs of your user. Disable the camera, bluetooth capability or Wi-Fi hotspot.

Location Tracking

Know exactly where your devices are at all times. Configure alerts to trigger, should the device enter or exit a specific area like school or the office.

Location-based settings

Set up your policies to switch based on the device’s location. Different rules will apply when the device is at school, or at home.

Device Messaging

Send individual, or bulk-messages to devices. Communicate important information like school, or office-wide updates.

Inventory Management

Keep a close eye on the health of your fleet. Quickly identify devices that are deployed, awaiting updates or archived.

Wipe Devices

Save time by remotely wiping all mobile devices. Great for setting up devices at the beginning of the year.

Remotely Push Content

Send content like Youtube links, PDFs and web clips  to several devices at the touch of button.

It’s a simple, step-by-step process

Customise Your Dashboard

Enrol Android Devices

Push Apps

Manage from your Desk

Everything you need to manage all your Android devices.

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