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Mobile Guardian for iOS devices

Manage iPads and iPhones with the mobile device management (MDM) platform that’s designed specifically for education.

Discover our top MDM features for iOS devices below.

Countless iOS devices? Save Yourself Some Time

Remote Passcode Clearance

Remotely clear the passcode from the iOS device without ever needing to leave your desk.

Automated iOS & App Updates

Automated updates save you time when it comes to managing your a fleet of iOS devices.

Student Linking, Mobile Authentication

Operating a Shared Device strategy? Students can collect a device and quickly login using Active Directory or their G Suite account.

Fully Integrated for Seamless Management

The Mobile Guardian MDM platform is fully integrated with Apple School Manager, the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and the Device Enrolment Program (DEP).

ASM / Classroom

Apple School Manager is a web-based portal that enables I.T. administrators to easily deploy iOS devices in schools.

Volume Purchase Program (VPP)

The Volume Purchase Program allows schools to purchase volumes of apps and books to distribute amongst students and teachers.

Device Enrolment Program (DEP)

This online service automates the enrollment and configuration of macOS and iOS devices.

Features That Make Managing iPads Easier

Restrict Store Content

Enforce age restrictions to ensure that all store content is always age-appropriate.

Push Content Remotely

Send content like Youtube links, PDFs and web clips to your iOS devices, straight from the Mobile Guardian dashboard.

Safe Web Filtering

Manage web access on iOS devices with our safe browser and webkit plugin. Ensure every device upholds your eSafety policy.

Managed App Deployment

Deploy apps across your iOS devices and know that each device has exactly what it needs.

Self-help App Portal

The self-help portal that allows I.T. managers to efficiently manage and coordinate a large volume of apps throughout the school year.

Location Tracking & Lost Mode

You’ll be able to track location and remotely trigger lost mode on the device. Increase your chance of recovering stolen iOS devices.

Inventory Management

Monitor the health of your iOS devices and swiftly identify those that need updates or haven’t been seen in a while.

Student Browser History

View the browser history of each device via the Mobile Guardian dashboard. Use the records to help make better decisions.

It’s a simple, step-by-step process

Customise Your Dashboard

Enrol iOS devices

Set Restrictions

Manage From Your Desk

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