10 of the best Chromebook apps for STEM learning

10 of the best Chromebook apps for STEM learning – STEM series

Looking for some inspiration when it comes to the best Chromebooks apps for STEM learning? We’ve found 10 of the best that are loved by teachers and used in classrooms all over the world.

If you’ve got a fleet of Chromebooks, you’re probably familiar with the chrome web store and how it’s full of apps and extensions for these great devices. But did you know that Chromebook has now launched its own App Hub? Chromebook have created this space specifically for schools and the apps all link to the G Suite for Education.

Check out our top picks from both the web store and the App Hub:

From the web store:

  1. EquatIO – Math made digital

Bring STEM formulas to life in a digital way. This app allows you to write out equations and mathematical expressions with ease. You can also dictate them and watch your calculations appear on the screen of your Chromebook.



  1. Useful Periodic Table

Students can now take their periodic table with them wherever they go, making studying and working on assignments much easier. This app also runs offline, so you still have access to the information you need when you’re out of WiFi range.



  1. RoboCompass

This is a great app to help you go paperless in your classroom. It gives your students a real 3D look at geometry, and allows them to explore shapes the same you would with an old-school piece of paper and a protractor.



  1. 3D Solar System Web

Take your students on a walk through space with this beautiful web app. It works in the Chrome browser and is a wealth of knowledge about the planets, stars and the forces of nature at work on our solar system.



  1. Numerics Calculator & Converter

It’s impossible to study STEM subjects without a powerful scientific calculator. This app is great for a variety of situations. It has a range of functions for engineering, math and science. In addition, it works offline and keeps all of your history stored locally on your browser.


  1. Pocket

While not strictly just for STEM learning, this app is incredibly useful for studying and for working on school projects. You can save articles, videos and more from the web onto your device and then access them whenever you need to. This is ideal for helping your students find trustworthy information online.



From the App Hub:

  1. Autodesk Tinkercad

This little app gives you and your students a wealth of learning capabilities. It gives the user the opportunity to create 3D designs that show their understanding of space, geometry and circuitry. Additionally, teachers can set tests and assignments through the app.


  1. CoderZ

Most students won’t get the chance to actually design and build a real-life robot, but this app at least gives them a simulation of the process. They are guided through the initial design all the way through to the coding, and even some troubleshooting for unforeseen variables. As a teacher, you can also monitor progress and ensure your students are understanding what they’re working on.

  1. Labster

Bring the fun of a full laboratory to life with this app. It’s a virtual lab, so it’s completely safe for your students to try out advanced experiments in chemistry, biology, biotechnology, and more.


  1. Math Games

If you’re looking for new ways to present the same old math principles to your students, this is a great app to use. It has a vast range of challenges that allows students to learn new skills and to apply them in ways that are engaging and interactive.

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