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Mobile Guardian
For Schools

Mobile Guardian is priced and purpose-built for education. A single solution with  mobile device management (MDM), classroom management tools, web-filtering and parental controls. The complete MDM solution for districts, schools, teachers and parents.

Mobile Guardian supports


Manage iPads, Chromebooks and more from one dashboard

Manage different types of mobile devices in real-time, from a single dashboard. It’s the mobile device management platform that makes managing countless, multi-OS devices as simple as possible.

Multi-OS MDM

Multi-OS MDM

Enrol devices, install and manage apps, wipe devices and reset device passwords without ever leaving your desk.

MDM Features

Classroom Management

Classroom Management

With easy-to-use tools, your teachers can eliminate distractions and unlock the learning potential of mobile devices in their classrooms.

Classroom Management Tools

Web Filtering

Web Filtering

A vital, online protection layer for K-12 schools. Protect the entire mix of school and take home devices. A dynamic and comprehensive, CIPA-compliant solution.

K-12 Web Filtering

Linked Parental Controls

Linked Parental Controls

The web-based dashboard extends the school product and enables parents to manage their child’s school or home-owned mobile devices.

 Features that make your life easier

Developed for schools, these mobile device management features will simplify your MDM efforts and save you time. Click on our popular features below to discover more about them.

Explore more Mobile Guardian at School features

Everything you need to manage all the mobile devices in your school

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