Mobile Guardian free to all schools impacted by COVID-19

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools around the world are being forced to adjust to the reality of distance learning. Educators are now having to rush to implement suitable contingency plans to minimise disruption to the academic year. 

Mobile Guardian recognizes the immense pressure facing educators and has heeded the call to support schools during this challenging time. As a company we have taken the decision to offer our classroom and filtering products to schools free of charge

As a father of two boys myself, I am always amazed and hugely appreciative of a myriad of challenges (often not recognized) that educators face on a weekly basis. COVID-19 has obviously just increased that responsibility significantly. We at Mobile Guardian would like to offer our software for free to all schools impacted during these unprecedented times and we will do everything we can to support schools to make distance learning that much easier for both teachers and students during this difficult time.” – Patrick Lawson, CEO, Mobile Guardian. 

Schools experiencing enforced closures are now able to access Mobile Guardian’s premium web-filtering and classroom management tools for free. This offer remains in effect for the remainder of the 2020 school year. You can find out more about the offer here. 

Creating an Academic Environment at Home 

Using web-filtering schools can block certain sites and ensure that during class time, the device is only used for academic activities. These restrictions can be relaxed outside of school hours to allow students to access other online content such as Netflix. 

Mobile Guardian’s Classroom Management tools help educators facilitate a remote, academic environment. Teachers can remotely monitor what students are doing during lessons and review their browser activity afterwards. For example, they can quickly see whether a student was distracted by online videos, or whether they spent too much time browsing a music streaming website. 

display of the activities of students in a distance learning environment
Overview of sites visited during a class.

Student Assessment 

Another challenge with distance learning is student assessment. Using Mobile Guardian teachers can create a testing environment on the device by restricting students to a specific app or website. For example, teachers could limit access to Google Docs for spot essays, or use Google Forms to host a pop quiz.  


Mobile Guardian will be hosting webinars that focus on distance learning and highlight how Mobile Guardian works alongside products like Zoom and Google Meet. Sign up to be notified about our upcoming webinars

Proof of Concept

We realise that schools have been inundated with marketing communications from educational technology vendors during this time. We are not all things to everyone and understand that each school will have their own, unique environment. We suggest that educators engage in a Proof of Concept with us to determine whether or not Mobile Guardian is a good fit for their needs. 

Mobile Guardian offers mobile device management (MDM), classroom management tools and dynamic web-filtering in one, complete solution.  Built for education, the cloud-based platform supports Android, ChromeOS, iOS and macOS devices. Mobile Guardian provides linked parental controls, enabling parents to manage devices outside of school hours. 

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