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Mobile Guardian free to schools affected by COVID-19

Create a secure and academic environment on mobile devices at home

Schools who are experiencing enforced closures are now able to access Mobile Guardian’s premium web-filtering and classroom management tools for free. This offer remains in effect for the remainder of the 2020 school year.

Our comprehensive web-filtering solution allows schools to quickly secure school-owned devices that are now going home. Our classroom management suite for ChromeOS enables teachers to remotely monitor what students are working on during lessons in real-time. 

Get in touch to discuss how Mobile Guardian can help your school during this challenging time.

Popular Features…

Supports Android, ChromeOS and iOS devices
Manage everything from the cloud
Set device, content and app permissions based on profile, time, or location
In-class or remote device management tools for ChromeOS*
Access to comprehensive web-filtering*
Create and manage multiple schools with the district dashboard
Linked Parent Dashboard

*Currently available free of charge to schools subject to enforced closure. This offer is subject to change at our discretion.

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We assisted a U.S. school setup Mobile Guardian in under a day. Thanks to our comprehensive web-filtering solution they were able to secure the Chromebooks before the devices were sent home with their students. They will be rolling out our classroom management tools within the coming days.

Manage Mobile Devices

Manage Mobile Devices

Enrol devices, install and manage apps, wipe devices and reset device passwords without ever leaving your desk.

The Digital Classroom*

The Digital Classroom*

With easy-to-use tools, your teachers can eliminate distractions and unlock the learning potential of mobile devices in distance learning environments.

Safeguard Students Online*

Safeguard Students Online*

A vital, online protection layer for schools. Use web-filtering to safeguard your students and devices from harmful online content.

Parent Dashboard

Parent Dashboard

The linked Parent Dashboard lets parents manage and monitor how their child uses their mobile device outside of school hours.

Read our white paper

Here’s a link to download a PDF to share with your colleagues.

Remotely Manage Chromebooks

Watch our video to see our classroom management tools in action.

Read more on how to implement a distance learning environment.

Supporting schools who are implementing Distance Learning.
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