The New Teacher Dashboard

Mobile Guardian brings you our New Teacher Dashboard.

Designed for Education, Mobile Guardian prioritises teacher input to create a simple yet powerful classroom management tool for immersive digital classrooms.

For release in January 2024.

Available with both Campus & Learn Solutions.

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Elevate learning with our New Teacher Dashboard.

Classroom Management Tools Designed for Education. Mobile Guardian is proud to announce our new Teacher Dashboard to elevate your digital learning environments around the world.


Plan and prepare lessons with ease. Create personalised learning journeys as you create classes, assign content, set schedules and have everything ready for the start of class. Ready for learning.


Once classes are prepared and ready, simply click Start Class when class begins and dive into learning.


Streamlined access to reports allows for post-class assessment. Student engagement can be effortlessly analyzed, facilitating the identification of areas needing improvement and those demonstrating excellence.

Designed for Education. Our Teacher Dashboard Connects Teachers & Students.

Designed to elevate K-12 digital learning environments, Mobile Guardian’s New Teacher Dashboard brings sophisticated EdTech to classes that is easy to use. Save time and get online.

Instant Actions

Live screen views

Teachers gain a clear view of student devices from their classroom dashboard. You can identify students who might need more help, or are simply distracted.

Eye Up

With a single click, deploy the Eyes Up block screen to easily and quickly get your class's attention.

Tab Control

Dismiss distracting browser tabs with Tab Control to ensure students remain focused should they not be sticking to the task at hand.

Student Messaging

Send bulk or individual messages. Communicate to the class about an upcoming school trip, or send feedback to a student.

Push Content

Quickly and Easily push content to student's during an active class and keep everyone on the same page.

Screen Share

Using the dashboard, teachers can share their screen with the entire class. Teachers may also select a student's screen to share.

Restrict Applications

Block distractions and cut down on time-wasting by specifying exactly which apps each device can access.

Restrict URLs

Control web access on your through keyword and URL filtering. Ensure that each device operates according to your unique ePolicy.

Modes are Easier than Ever

We’ve reimagined our Modes feature and made using it easier than ever. Now easily accessible wherever you may be in the Dashboard, Modes may be accessed and activated within a few clicks.

Easy to Access

We've included Modes in the main menu for easy access to apply immediately.

Create Your Classroom

Easily create the perfect digital classroom with Modes. Set student learning environments for the class at hand.

Immersive Learning

Through our Modes feature, teachers are able to create focused and immersive K-12 classroom environments.

Tools and Features to Secure Classrooms

Category Web Filtering

Set your Mobile Guardian to filter by category to provide far-reaching filtering for your classrooms.

Application Management

Restrict access to applications to ensure devices are limited effectively.

Domain Filtering

Filter specific website domains by simply specifying the domain in Mobile Guardian.

Compliance & Regulation

Mobile Guardian is a SOC-2 Type 2 compliant company. Implementing data safety protocols in line with ISO 27001 ensures your school data remains safe and secure. Additionally, our comprehensive web content filter is CIPA-compliant and BECTA-accredited. It also supports OFSTED’s efforts to safeguard children online.

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