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Expand your opportunities or leverage your existing networks by becoming a Mobile Guardian partner. Help schools manage their mobile devices and protect their students.

About our product

Below are some of the benefits and features that Mobile Guardian users enjoy the most.


Filter inappropriate content.

Protect student devices on and off campus.

Manage a myriad of devices across one or more operating systems.

Remotely push apps and content to devices.

Inventory management.

Multi-school management.

Aid with Prevent Duty Compliance.


Deliver apps and content to class devices.

See and share students’ screens.

Minimise distractions.

Improve 1-on-1 student engagement.

Direct learning with single app mode.

Simple, real-time management.


Filter web content safely.

Track device location.

Manage screen time and app usage.

Block apps and ban websites.

Build healthier mobile habits.

We’re looking for partners who share our vision,
culture and passion for mobile device management.

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Gold Partner

Platinum Partner

Earn up to





Mobile Guardian Partner Portal

Use Mobile Guardian Logos, etc.

Online Sales Training

Online Product Training

Marketing and PR Assistance

Cobranded Collateral

Partner Manager

Additional Incentives

Lead Distribution

Instructor-led Product Webinars

VIP Support Queue

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