Top 5 Upper Elementary Science YouTube Channels

While science is a very interesting and exciting subject,  it can also be challenging for students. 

These Youtube channels explain upper elementary science in a kid-friendly manner and help simplify complex topics while keeping your students engaged through their visual components and passionate creators. 

The educational channels below will help make your lessons more engaging while using your student’s favorite medium: The Screen! 

Hope you find these educational science channels useful in your teaching!

Top 5 Upper Elementary Science Channels to Enlighten and Entertain

1. SciShow Kids

Engaging and informative, SciShow Kids is a Youtube channel that will make any science lesson fun for students. Hosted by Jessi Knudsen Castañeda and “Squeaks” the robot mouse, SciShow Kids presents interesting weekly videos on a variety of science topics in a way which kids will love. SciShow Kids will assist educators with making science less complex for their students. 

2. It’s Okay to be Smart

Joe Hanson, Ph.D., takes kids on an exciting science adventure. Joe’s videos cover a variety of topics including space, nature, the human body, history, and many more. Joe explains things in a simple way that is easy for kids to understand and the effort that goes into production makes the videos visually engaging for kids. The videos follow a question answer format which sparks interest from viewers and the videos vary from 3min to 10min so your students won’t be losing attention halfway through. Joe’s channel is an excellent tool for educators to utilise in their science lessons.  

3. Crash Course Kids

From the producers of Crash Course, comes Crash Course Kids hosted by Sabrina Cruz. Crash Course Kids kicks off with 5th Grade Science topics and progresses; the topics you can expect to be covered are Earth, Habitats, Space, Chemical Reactions, Engineering, and much more. The enthusiasm of Sabrina and the easy to watch videos make a perfect complimenting tool when teaching young students all about the wonders of science. 


Created by Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown, AsapSCIENCE is a very informative Youtube channel that can come in useful when explaining scientific concepts to kids. The channel varies in tone however and has some mature themes in some of the videos so it is recommended that you watch and select specific videos and not send students directly to the channel to watch on their own. “The Periodic Table Song”, along with the Science Songs series, is an effective way to teach kids the periodic table and it is recommended you give it a watch and see if your students find it useful. 

5. Minute Earth 

The focus of Minute Earth is on our planet. The channel covers ecological topics ranging from animal behavior, oceans, rivers and weather, and much more. The videos are short and sweet and the accompanying hand-drawn pictures and characters will ensure your students remain engaged. This channel is perfect for younger students and will definitely enhance your lessons and make science easier to understand and more interesting for your students. 

Youtube and the Internet are much like each other, in moderation, and with guided supervision, they can be incredibly educational tools. It is important to ensure that you monitor and guide your students’ activities on Youtube. Outside of these upper elementary science YouTube channels, there is an incredible amount of content online for students to benefit from.

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