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Enhance your learning program with a free trial of Mobile Guardian’s full solution, Campus. Request a trial to access our Campus solution which includes Classroom Management, Web Filtering and Mobile Device Management tools. Enahce device management in your K-12 learning environment with Mobile Guardian.

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Future proof your technology investments.

Mobile Guardian is a flexible and powerful mobile device solution designed for education. Our multi-OS software provides your device strategy with the flexibility required to get a complete return on your hardware investments.

Create Focused and Flexible Online Classrooms


Mobile Guardian's features ensure that students remain on task and focused while learning in class or from home.


Multi-OS cloud-based functionality supports Chrome OS, iOS, Android & macOS devices.


The cloud-based nature of Mobile Guardian allows you to save on hardware costs, and be able to implement the same level of safety online, regardless of the device's location or internet connection type.

Designed for Education

Mobile Guardian was created specifically for education, making it a considerate and versatile software solution in educational environments.


Mobile Guardian's ability to include multiple device types in a classroom ensures that no students are excluded from the online learning experience.

Designed for Users

Mobile Guardian provides an incredible user experience for teachers and IT administrators in the provision of engaging digital learning environments for students.

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