View Student Screens in the Digital Classroom

The features available to the digital classroom today for teachers are numerous and impressive! One of them is the ability to view student screens, live, while in class. 

These features have the potential, when used correctly, to drive learning and greatly improve student participation in digital classrooms.

The focus of this article will be on the benefits of a specific feature, the ability for teachers to view student screens when teaching in the digital classroom, and how this can be used to drive learning and improve your digital classrooms. 

Mobile Guardian’s classroom management solution, Learn, comes with our Live Screen Views feature, which grants teachers the ability to see what students are accessing during classes. Providing teachers with the means to monitor students’ progress online, in real-time, while still maintaining their mobility within their classroom. 

Such tools and features provide teachers with the freedom to move around their classroom and focus on meeting the learning needs of their students within the digital classroom. This freedom improves student engagement as teachers are able to focus better on one-on-one and group interactions in the classroom. 

How Screen Visibility Improves Learning in Digital Classrooms

In addition to more freedom and mobility in the classroom, the ability to view student screens promotes positive student engagement and effective teaching practices: 

  • Reduces student-teacher conflicts and keeps students on task. 

Screen view technology allows teachers to unobtrusively monitor if students are focused and on task. If distracted, teachers can simply message off-task students in order for them to self-correct. Alternatively, if a student has been repeatedly told to self-correct but has chosen not to do so then a teacher can take things into their own hands and close distracting tabs on said students’ devices directly. 

Screen view technology, therefore, allows teachers to avoid the escalation and frustration of trying to keep students on task and by doing so minimises the occurrence of conflict and negative encounters that may be associated with keeping students on task. 

  • Teachers can use screen view technology to monitor in real-time the progression of students’ understanding. 

This allows teachers to identify sections of content that the class as a whole is finding challenging, or to identify which specific students in a class are struggling with a section of content or a concept. 

Teachers can offer assistance prior to assessments and examinations by monitoring students’ progress in a class by using live screen views to assess how they answer in-class quizzes and questions. This can lead to improved academic performance for students and create more engaging digital classrooms. 

  • When used effectively, screen view allows teachers to track the academic progress of students. 

The earlier a teacher can identify which students are struggling the better as they can take the necessary actions to assist. Teachers can easily track which students are struggling with sections or concepts in the class and take the necessary steps to assist said students to overcome the academic challenges they are experiencing early on in their development of understanding. 

Screen view allows teachers to detect a lack of understanding early before it turns into a major issue for students. The likelihood of students falling behind the class is therefore drastically reduced when screen view technology is used effectively to drive learning in the digital classroom. 

  • Screen view creates better student engagement.

Students work harder and are more engaged when they know that their activities in class are being monitored. Students are less likely to procrastinate when they know their progress is being monitored during classes. 

Students are much less likely to be off-task when they know their teacher can pick up on it easily. Screen view acts as a motivator to be on task and up to date on their classwork. 

Drive Learning in Your Digital Classroom.

Screen view technology supports the need for teachers to monitor students’ understanding within the classroom and in doing so ensures students are progressing as expected. Such features greatly improve the flow of classes as interruptions and distractions can be reduced. The ability to monitor real-time academic progress and take unobtrusive instant actions to help correct students creates a fluid and effective learning environment for both teachers and students.

Live screen view supports student learning through the creation of more engaging digital classroom environments. 

If you are interested in learning how you can utilise screen view technology to drive more engaging learning in your digital classroom, you can find out more about our Learn & Campus solutions – which include our classroom management toolset, or book a personalised demo with one of our team to understand how you can use Mobile Guardian to enhance your learning environments.

You can discover more features that drive learning in the digital classroom on our blog.

Michael Rosenthal 

Team Mobile Guardian


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