8 Features to Drive Learning in Digital Classrooms

In the past, schools would have been hesitant to allow students the prevalent use of mobile devices for learning in their digital classrooms to limit the risks associated with the misuse of devices. 

Presently, and in part due to the pandemic, mobile devices are becoming more and more commonplace for learning within the classroom environment. This transition has increased the need for MDM software in order to mitigate the risk of misuse by students. 

By providing educators with restrictive software, teachers gain the ability to restrict access to inappropriate or distracting content and applications, and monitor, as well as manage, the activities of students on their devices. 

Focused Learning in Digital Classrooms

However, with the rapid and continued advancement of mobile device management software (MDM), schools and decision-makers appreciate the untold benefits that devices bring to the classroom and how crucial the management of mobile devices is.

The use of such software in schools enhances the learning experience for students and, as importantly, makes the teaching experience easier for educators. 

In addition to mobile device management software, classroom management software is also required to ensure that not only are devices monitored and restricted but that educators have access to a solution that provides features that empower them to drive learning in their digital classrooms. 

In combination, classroom management and mobile device management software provide educators with the tools they require to drive learning in digital classrooms. 

In this article, we’re going to explore some features that drive learning in digital classrooms around the world.

Visibility of Student Device Use 

Understanding whether your students are focused and on the right task during class in the digital classroom is not always possible.

Students can find distractions at any turn, and a clear view of student screens is not always possible when navigating online learning or from the front of your classroom.

Live Screen Views enable teachers to monitor students’ activity during classes on their devices. This allows teachers to ensure students are all on the same page and identify those who are not focused on the lesson.

Live screen views enhances learning within the classroom with this ability to monitor students’ screens and ensure students are focused on the work at hand and not distracted by YouTube or games.

Keeping students on task is hard enough without them having access to mobile devices which makes live screen views a fantastic feature for making sure your students are concentrating on the right thing when in class.

Enhanced Engagement in Learning 

Screen-sharing technology is an innovation that has paved the way for enhanced and engaged learning environments within the digital classroom.

Screen-sharing increases engagement from students during class presentations or explanations. Furthermore, when providing students with an opportunity to present their work to the class, they are able to improve their presentation skills which in turn positively impacts their confidence in their work.

Teachers can use screen-sharing to easily explain to the whole class a tricky topic or answer a good question from a student.

Distraction-Free Instruction 

Eyes Up is a tool developed from feedback received from teachers’ experiences in their classrooms. It allows teachers to freeze the screens of all the students in the class simultaneously. This comes in useful as it increases the flow of classes. Students don’t have to close their devices and then end up with some devices going into sleep mode and precious class time being wasted. Eyes Up is simple and easy to use. It is a great tool for when a teacher wants to have the attention of the whole class or they want the attention of the class on a student’s presentation. Once a teacher or student has completed presenting to the class the teacher can just as easily grant back access to students’ devices. 

Understand Device Use in Class 

Activity Timeline helps teachers understand the online behaviour of their students in the form of a clear visual report of how students spend their time online, providing insight into device usage in class. Activity timelines help teachers understand how their students are using their devices in their classes. The visual report provides an easy to understand comparison of application usage. Activity Timeline makes device-centric decision making much easier through extensive data on the websites and applications used by students. 

Communicating with Students

Student messaging is a great tool for healthy communication with students. Teachers can instantly message a student to prevent them from getting distracted or to provide encouragement. Students are unable to reply but they will receive a notification when their teacher messages them. 

Uncheatable Exam Environments 

Modes combines web filtering with classroom management tools to enable educators to create focused learning environments. This powerful and easy-to-use tool will make exams uncheatable. Modes allow educators to determine exactly what content is accessible during their classes. Modes created prior to lessons can be applied at the click of a button in order to increase time efficiency and streamline lessons. Modes can be instantly actioned at any time during a lesson, which allows educators to preload a test mode that can be applied for quizzes during lessons or tests. Keep students on task by limiting the App’s and URLs students can access during lessons. Mobile Guardian modes allow you to run your lessons the way you want to run them with ease.

Safe, Cloud-based Learning 

Web Filtering in education is a powerful and dynamic way of keeping students safe and undistracted online. Whether during a lesson or after school, Mobile Guardian’s Web Filtering offers schools a comprehensive yet simple way of filtering undesirable and harmful online content. Cloud-based and completely independent of onsite technology, Mobile Guardian’s Web Filtering tools ensure your students remain safe while learning and browsing online regardless of location. With more than 10 billion URLs intelligently categorised, to restrict and limit harmful content, Mobile Guardian Web Filtering tools offer a comprehensive Web filtering solution for educational environments. Cloud-based web filtering means you can have peace of mind knowing that students are protected from harmful content whenever and wherever they use their mobile devices. 

Focused Learning with Video 

The use of YouTube in the classroom is unavoidable. The use of YouTube in the classroom can cause a lot of stress for educators, IT admins and parents as they try to figure out ways to keep their students away from inappropriate content and on task while not denying access to the variety of useful educational videos hosted on YouTube. Mobile Guardian’s YouTube filter is a fantastic tool that enables schools to integrate YouTube videos into their class activities without worrying about harmful exposure. Mobile Guardian’s YouTube filter allows educators to filter specific YouTube URLs, channels or even particular YouTubers. Our extensive database categorises YouTube so you can rest easy knowing your students are protected and on task. 

Elevate Learning in your Digital Classrooms 

Mobile Guardian’s Campus solution provides all the features mentioned above in an all-encompassing solution designed and priced for education.

With Mobile Guardian’s Campus solution, educators have access to classroom management tools that will greatly enhance your digital learning environment. 

Find out how Campus can drive learning in your digital environment by booking a demo with us. 




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