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How to block websites on your child’s phone

This quick post explains how to block websites on a child’s phone, using the Parent app from Mobile Guardian. If you don’t yet have the app, you can visit our site to find out more.

Mobile Guardian enables parents to block or blacklist certain websites to safeguard their child from harmful online content, or prevent them from viewing sites that aren’t in-line with their family values. Mobile Guardian works for iPhone, iPad and Android devices and there’s  no limit to the amount of sites that can be blocked. Please note that this feature is device-specific and in the case of iOS devices, will only work on supervised iOS devices. If you would like to set your iOS device to supervised mode, please follow this guide.

To block sites from your child’s phone, simply follow the steps below.

Block websites on a child’s phone

  1. Open your Mobile Guardian dashboard
  2. Go to web security settings
  3. Type the sites you’d like to block e.g.“” into the blacklist websites section
  4. Hit the save icon!

Your child will not be able to access any of the websites that you have blocked.

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