How to block social media on your child’s phone

In recent times, it has become increasingly important for parents to know how to block social media on their child’s phones. Results from a 2018 survey highlight the growing relationship between social media and feelings of isolation and vulnerability in young girls. As the links between social media and sadness in children get stronger, we’ve seen an increasing number of parents coming to us to find out how to block social media from their child’s phone.

This is because our MDM platform enables parents to create a safe and secure online experience for their children. It allows them to block Youtube, inappropriate websites and even apps like Snapchat and Twitter. Please note that these features are device specific.

We’ve put together quick posts on how to use Mobile Guardian to block certain apps and websites from your child’s phone.

How to block Social Media

1. Block Facebook on your child’s phone

2. How to block Twitter from your child’s phone

3. Block Snapchat from child’s phone

4. How to block Instagram from your child’s phone

5. Block YouTube from my child’s phone

6. How to block websites on your child’s phone

Blacklist certain apps and websites

1. Block apps on child’s phone

2. How to block websites

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