Classroom Management Tools are levelling up!

We’re excited to announce that our latest release is here to help! Today, we’re launching Classroom Management tools. It forms part of Mobile Guardian for Schools and is designed to bridge the gap between teachers and mobile devices in the classroom.

Ultimately our Classroom Management tools offer teachers an easier way to manage devices, and minimise distractions in class. As an I.T administrator, we understand that it can be tricky to monitor a fleet of devices, ensure they’re all up to date and still find time to help teachers set up their lessons.

To save you time, we’ve developed the following features:

Configurable Teacher Actions

Administrators can create groups of devices and add teachers to the group. Each group has configurable permissions that allow teachers to perform actions such as install apps, push content to the device and modify web filter settings.  As the administrator, you can control which actions a teacher is allowed to perform.

2. App Installation

Pre-approved apps are linked to the device group. A teacher will be able to specify which applications are needed for a class. An application can be “required” (auto-install setting) or “recommended” (self-install setting). Teachers can easily control the app installation to the device from the linked list of apps.  

Join the Class

Teachers can generate class pins that require the student to join the class from within the mobile app. This ensures that devices do not inadvertently switch state when not in an active class.  

Set your teachers up for success

  • Set Content : Define content that can be accessible on the device such as videos, web URLs and Web Clips.
  • Instant Actions: Teachers can quickly communicate with their students and keep their classes on track. Instantly lock devices, force eyes up, message a student or block all website traffic.  
  • Single-app Mode: Teachers can set all devices to single-app mode for improved student focus. This feature is especially useful during lessons, test and exams.
  • Web Filtering: If enabled, this enables teachers to grant students temporary access to a website, as part of lesson.
  • App Metering: See what the devices are being used for and how much time is being spent in each application.  
  • Event History: See all the activity that occurred during a class. Teachers can use this record to pinpoint students who are struggling with their classwork.

Popular Chromebook Features

  • Live Screen Views: Lets teachers oversee, in real-time, every click and piece of content accessed on devices
  • Multi-Screen Display: See exactly what your students are doing by displaying screenshots of all devices in a class, at once, onto your screen
  • Tab Control: Keep tabs on your students and dismiss certain browser tabs on their device
  • Dynamic Content Filtering:  Minimise distractions in your classroom once and for all!

This is just a snippet of what’s inside our latest release, and you can read up on our classroom management tools here.

Using these tools, you can unlock the ability of mobile devices in your classroom and ensure they’re a force for good and not an endless distraction for your students.

To find out more about Mobile Guardian for Schools explore our website . You can also take a look at our Case Study Library.

We hope that you’re as excited as we are!


The Mobile Guardian Team


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