Create Uncheatable Exam Environments Online

A major concern for educators is the need to prevent students from cheating in online and digital examinations. Educators have found ways of trying to ensure students don’t cheat in exams, such as enforcing cameras at all times, but these measures are not foolproof when dealing with tech-savvy students.

Are Stress-Free Digital Examinations Possible?

One of the chief concerns that educators have around online and digital examinations is the unbridled access students have to content on the internet with their digital devices. When devices are not managed correctly, it is incredibly challenging to limit students’ access to online resources and their notes saved on the cloud or on their devices.

Managed devices allow educators to limit the access students have to their devices, and in the case of tests or quizzes and even examinations, assist educators in their efforts to prevent students from cheating online.

Beyond simply managing devices, which primarily impacts application access by students, there is the need for web filtering to limit online browsing activity.

Teachers require the tools to create a digital environment over which they have total control and can prevent students from possibly cheating online.

Through the combination of mobile device management, web filtering and classroom management tools, a solution to prevent student cheating is available.

How to Prevent Cheating Online, in Class and in Exams

Through the use of the features and functionality offered by mobile device applications, its possible for educators to totally limit students’ devices and their ability to access online resources and content.

At Mobile Guardian, we call this feature Modes.

With Modes, teachers can control all the devices in their digital learning environment by creating different restrictive online learning environments suitable to their lessons.

Modes enables educators to set restrictions on both online and offline resources, ensuring that they are able to prevent cheating in online quizzes or exams.

Apart from its powerful impact on classes, Modes allows educators to easily create focused learning environments for various classroom scenarios. Whether that’s pre-emptively, just before a class starts or in the middle of class.

The limits of Modes to impact a classroom is only limited by the imagination in its implementation.

Modes is commonly used for a variety of uses. From examination scenarios, educators can limit online access to only a specific test URL and maybe a specific online resource, to regular classes that require that extra degree of focus.

Students are then able to access only these pre-determined resources, and nothing else.

Modes in Class and Examination Environments

In addition to Modes, Mobile Guardian provides educators with Live Screen Views. A feature that allows educators to view students’ screens during class.

This provides an extra layer of visibility for educators, allowing them to closely monitor their students’ behaviour during examinations.

In addition to helping to prevent cheating online, teachers can identify content and concepts the students may be struggling with and provide assistance after the test, quiz or exam.

Modes is quick and easy to use, saving teachers and IT administrators time when setting up devices for exams.

At the simple touch of a button, Modes can be activated and deactivated during a class.

Increase lesson fluidity with Modes

The ease and speed with that Modes may be activated during class ensures that teachers benefit from fluid, uninterrupted lessons.

There’s no looking for the right setting, profile or web filter rule. Educators may simply activate a pre-set mode and their student’s devices are restricted as planned.

This helps ensure fluid classroom environments and minimises the loss of precious time. Removing what could be another hurdle in theirs.

Preventing Cheating Online

Switching between the different phases of a class is a breeze with Modes.

If today’s class has a quiz at the end of it, you can simply activate Modes to lock out all other content that is not the Google Form or submission link provided for students.

Educators can set up various Modes with different restrictions and content, and during the class, the pre-prepared Mode can be activated at the touch of a button.

This simple and effective ease of use ensures there is no loss of time and that lessons run as smooth as possible.

Educators can now switch between instructions, research, presentation and even examination, all within the same classroom session.

Modes allows educators to create immersive and focused learning experiences for their students. Turn your classes into an adventure of learning and discovery which your students will enjoy travelling every day.

Drive Learning in Your Digital Classroom with Modes

Mobile Guardian strives to support student learning through the creation of more focused and healthy digital classroom environments and enables teachers to create uncheatable exam environments.

Combining our web filter with classroom management tools, Modes allows teachers to create focused, distraction-free learning environments.

This powerful and easy-to-use tool will make exams uncheatable.

If you are interested in learning how you can leverage Modes to drive engaged learning in your digital classroom, and prevent cheating online, find out more about our Learn & Campus Solutions – which include our classroom management toolset.

Alternatively, you may book a personalised demo with one of our team to understand how Mobile Guardian can elevate your digital learning environments.

Discover more features that drive learning in the digital classroom and get the best out of learning in your digital classroom.

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