Focused Students for Instruction

Today, what’s interpreted as a modern classroom, is one where teachers and students make use of educational technology to ensure students are focused for instruction.

The main ingredient in EdTech starts with the hardware. The spices and the rest of the ingredients are software and platforms used to manage school-owned mobile devices.

Combined with learning platforms and student engagement platforms, they make the perfect recipe for safe and effective learning environments that help students focus during teachers instruction.

Many K-12 institutions with mobile device programs around the world provide each student with a device.

Focused instruction, whatever the operating system

These devices range from Chromebooks, iPads, Android tablets, and often result in a range of devices used in different grades. The devices are assigned to students to create engaging learning environments that allow for the incorporation of different learning styles in class.

When students are not busy with an assignment during class, at one point or another the lesson agenda requires the undivided attention of students on to the teacher. Teachers set aside part of their lesson to give instructions on homework or to assign an in-class task.

Planning a routine time segment in every class often cannot be achieved; lesson agendas vary accordingly to keep students engaged in the curriculum. This can result in a challenging situation for teachers due to the many forms of distractions available to students when they sit in front of their devices.

It could be that the class is between tasks or the teacher wants to use a few minutes to give instructions.

A student can simply navigate to content that is not related to the task at hand, perhaps they open a distracting tab. Or there’s a straight-A student who wants to kick off homework during the remainder of the class. At the other end of the classroom, there’s a student that cannot wait to shut their device off.

What instructional tool can generate instant focus of students during class, what does that look like, and how does it benefit a digital classroom?

Classroom management software is purposely designed to enhance a student learning experience. Teachers may make use of tool sets that enable them to put a student’s device into a temporary ‘lock-state’ helps them gain their learners’ attention instantly.

When a teacher puts a device in a lock-state, the student has no means of overriding the state of the device. As soon as the teacher turns off the setting, the students are granted access to their device again and able to continue with the task at hand.

Classroom environments with tools that permit teachers to focus student attention for instructional purposes are beneficial to educators as it eliminates time wasted through distractions in class.

Enhance learning with the right tools

For students to succeed in their K-12 journey, teachers require the right tools in order to provide thorough and uninterrupted instructions.

Students embracing learning at school find understanding through toolsets that enable the necessary controls over their devices.

Ensuring students are focused during instruction is a greatly beneficial outcome from classroom management tools for any K-12 educator conducting lessons on mobile devices.

See our blog on the benefits of classroom management tools in your classroom and discover more about providing teachers with the tools they need to provide immersive learning experiences.

If you’d like to see classroom management tools in action, book a personalised demo here or start a free 14-day trial.

There are a number of challenges that teachers and students face in the virtual classroom. Learn more about how Classroom Management Software can benefit your classroom.



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