7 Benefits of Classroom Management Software

Over the last couple of years, education has experienced rapid change, and teachers around the globe have experienced the benefits of classroom management software in order to adapt to the sudden evolution of digital classrooms.

K12 education professionals have certainly experienced an abrupt change to their digital teaching journey. Schools were forced to implement sudden changes to their mobile device programs or even implement a mobile device program for the first time. This shift made remote learning a challenge, especially for the first time.

However, as the return to in-person learning continues, educators continue to require access to the right classroom management tools to benefit their digital learning environments.

To assist teachers to tackle the challenges associated with device-based learning, we’ve put together a list of 7 benefits that classroom management software offers to educators:

How Classroom Management Software Can Benefit Your Classroom

    1. Set Content Restrictions for Students in Class

Are you struggling to figure out how to set content restrictions for students in your class? An obvious scenario when it comes to teachers conducting online lessons is that students, irrespective of which age, tend to go off course. It can be a 3rd grader navigating to the wrong website, or a year 11 student wanting to check out the latest movies instead of focusing on the lesson at hand.

The use of classroom management software helps teachers to create a focused learning environment, as they are able to bring focus to students by limiting device access to particular content for that lesson.


Let’s discover more about setting content restrictions for your online class.

  2. Visibility into Student Devices use During Lessons

Getting visibility into student devices use during a lesson does not always have to be challenging. What would be the ideal solution for teachers to know what their students are browsing during lessons without having to physically walk to them and see?

Well, real-time visibility of student screens would help, right?

Classroom management tools should offer this functionality. In digital learning, to see student screens all at the same time on a single dashboard is like a superpower for teachers.

Discover ways you can gain visibility into your student’s devices during lessons.

  3. Focused Students for Instruction

When students are focused on their device screens they are not necessarily able to listen to instructions, despite any insistence of their multi-tasking skills. When instructing a class and students are not able to look away from their screen, a means to lock a device to ensure students are focused can be very beneficial.

Some classroom management toolsets offer a means to quickly lock a devices’ screen in order to dismiss distractions and instruct students on the lesson. Once everyone is on the same page, then devices may be unlocked and students may continue with their work.


Learn more about how focused instruction can be beneficial for your classroom.

 4. Distribute work tasks to students instantly

Remember when teachers used to walk around the class handing out assignments? I mean, that alone took a good few minutes from the lesson. With classroom management tools teachers can instantly distribute class content to their students, saving time and removing time for distraction from students.

With classroom management software, the distribution of content is a quick command away to get any form of online content to your class.

Discover more on how to modernise your K-12 Classroom with instant content distribution.

   5. Directly Close Distracting Browser Tabs or Windows

Wondering how directly closing distracting browser tabs or windows can come in handy in your class? When students unintentionally navigate to the wrong website or in some cases, intentionally steer off track, teachers are left with no choice but to pause the lesson to get that pupil back on track.

One minute wasted during class is already too much. Classroom management software gives teachers the control they need to directly intervene and close browser tabs or windows on a student’s device and direct them back to the task at hand.

Jump in and discover more about directly closing distracting browser tabs or windows in a digital classroom.

    6. Historic records of all student activity

One of the most important aspects of a K12 digital learning environment is, of course, reporting. It is all fine and well to be able to bring a classroom online, but what about monitoring student activity online?

The ability to retroactively view student activity, whether during an online lesson or afterward is a key feature of classroom management software. Teachers, along with their colleagues and parents, appreciate the immense value of historic device usage data that may be exported to understand how to get the best out of devices in digital classrooms.

Learn more about how to monitor student activity online.

     7. Integration with Google Classroom and Apple School Manager

The migration from one mobile device management platform to another is hardly a straightforward task. Whether you’re an educator or an IT professional, when it comes to the implementation of a mobile device management project, at some point there usually is a hiccup or two. This is nothing out of the ordinary and occurs in all types of organizations every day!

Teachers and IT administrators are fully aware of the benefit of a classroom management software able to integrate with Google Classroom and Apple School Manager. This type of functionality saves educators time through the ability to sync class rosters and student data between the software.

Learn more about integrating with Google Classroom and Apple School Manager.

Experience the Benefits of Classroom Management Software in Your Classroom

If you are in need of a classroom management solution to overcome the challenges mentioned above, book a demo here and discover how we can help you and your colleagues access the tools required to continue educating students safely and effectively.

Mobile Guardian’s Learn solution provides educators with classroom management tools that include all of the above functionality and much more, and will greatly benefit any 1:1 or shared learning program.


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