6 of the top science apps for Android – STEM series

6 of the top science apps for Android – STEM series

We took a wander through the Play Store to help you get the science apps for Android that your classroom needs. These are six of our top picks to help bring the sciences to life. They cover chemistry and physics in really great, hands-on ways. You’ll love how much fun your students can have in the virtual labs.

1. Amazing Science Facts

From physics to chemistry and natural sciences, this app brings fun to any lesson. You and your students will no doubt be inspired by the fascinating facts it throws out about the world around us.

2. Periodic Table 2019

Access to the periodic table is one of the most essential parts of any chemistry lesson. This app gives your students a handy table that they can take with them and consult at any time. What’s more, it’s not a static table – you can sort the elements by group, or search for them by name.

3. Toca Lab: Elements

Want to get your younger students to love chemistry? Then this is the app for your class. You can interact with the elements and learn about their personalities (or chemical traits) in a fun and engaging way.

4. CHEMIST – Virtual Chem Lab

Get your students doing experiments in class or at home – safely! This virtual lab allows you to try mixing up different compounds and chemicals, and see what happens. Students can also try out different procedures and equipment you might not have available in your lab. There’s nothing like actually seeing firsthand how acids and water behave mixed together in the wrong way.

5. Physics Studio

Bring the world of physics to life in this virtual lab. Your students can actively engage with experiments rather than just watching them on a video. They can also take a closer look at why things happen the way they do, and what that means in the real world.

6. Starfall Catalyst for Students

Science really is fun, and this game can help you prove that to your students. It has all the trappings of popular third-person shooter games but also makes the player solve chemistry-related challenges. They’ll definitely be learning as they play.


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Science apps for Android is just the start

Have you checked out our other lists for Android apps in our STEM series? There is a wide range of science apps for Android, plus those for technology, engineering and math. Your students will love working with them and you’ll love the results you see in class.



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