6 of the best engineering apps for Android – STEM series

6 of the best engineering apps for Android – STEM series

In need of some inspiration when it comes to your classroom and homework? We’ve put together a list of some of the best engineering apps for Android that are available in the Google Play Store. From research resources to challenging games that put lessons into practice, you’ll find an app for that.

  1. Basic Engineering Dictionary

It’s a powerful thing, to have access to all the equations, terms, formulas and facts needed for engineering. This app gives your students exactly that, allowing them to really get to grips with the basics and advance their studies.


  1. Graphing Calculator

This app is more than just a calculator. It has a wide range of features that are found on the best scientific, graphing, fraction, algebra and matrix calculators. It also runs probabilities and statistics for you.


  1. Engineering Unit Converter

Your students will now have the ability to convert units in a wide range of categories. This will allow them to get a greater understanding of the world around them, and not be confused when people on the other side of the world use a different unit of measurement.


  1. Mechanical Engineering One

The simple interface on this app belies just how much it can really do for your students in their engineering courses. It has been designed by an engineer and includes a range of features for everyday use.


  1. TurboViewer

There are many professional engineers out there using this app. They recommend it for making quick, rough sketches on the go and for viewing or sharing their drawings with clients or colleagues. Give your students a real-world experience with this app.


  1. Build a Bridge

It’s won the Most Innovative Game award in the Google Play Store, and offers many challenges to young and old. You get to plan your bridge, choose your construction materials and then build it. After that, you switch to 3D mode and see if the bridge will hold while a car drives over it.


Don’t forget your MDM

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Our STEM series – for more than just engineering apps for Android

We’ve created an entire STEM series to help you find the best classroom and homework aids to inspire your students. If you liked these engineering apps for Android, take a look at what we found for technology and science.



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