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Multiple Enrollment Options

Mobile Guardian caters for multiple enrollment options across all supported operating systems. From single device enrollment to multiple device enrollment and account syncing, we have the option to suit your school’s needs.

  • URL-based enrollment (iOS and macOS)
  • App QR code and account code enrollment (iOS and Android)
  • Chromebook device OU syncing
  • Apple DEP/ ASM/ Configurator bulk enrollment

Restriction Profile Scheduling

Time and date scheduling allows the school IT manager to have full control over when the device restrictions are applied. Easily set up schedules for the school day, after hours, dinner time, weekend or the school term dates, the list is endless.

Geolocation Services

A popular feature on the Mobile Guardian platform is geolocation services. Set up geolocation services for specific coordinates, wifi connections or beacons. Set up alerts for when a device has entered or left a location…

Website & Keyword Filtering

Protect your students wherever they are. Set up intelligent filtering and blocking to make sure the student is shielded from undesirable content. Be it pornography, adult content, radicalisation content, shocking and disturbing content…

Remote Application Provisioning

Easily search through the various application stores (Android, iOS, macOS and ChromeOS) from within the Mobile Guardian platform. Automatically install applications from the platform or allow the students toi self-install their applications…


Application Blocking

Set up an application whitelist or blacklist. Be safe in the knowledge that your students are not accessing the likes of adult dating applications and services, or applications with age restrictions. Single application mode allows for complete focus in the classroom or testing environments, lock down the device to only allow limited usage.

Remote Content Delivery

In addition to pushing out applications to the device, the Mobile Guardian platform has been built for remote content pushing in the same way. Send an educational video, sound clip, document, book, or any form of media.

Use the My Catalog feature on the device to create a library of content for the student to access. Allow them to pick and choose which content they would like to download from a pre-determined list.

Data Integrations & Account Syncing

Integrate with existing management and school information system data for student and user authentication and information syncing. Mobile Guardian offers two-way syncing for selected data integrations allowing for a natural extension of a school’s information systems.

Chromebook users and devices can be synced to make sure the information is always up to date and relevant. Integrate with your Apple School manager account, Active directory, Open directory and a lot more.

Classroom Control

Give teachers complete control of the classroom by being in control of the devices within the classroom environment. Set up classes ahead of time and provision the specific content for the students to access in preparation for the class. Activate the “eyes-up” feature to temporarily lock the devices to ensure the students are focused on what the teacher has to say. Block the use of certain applications and websites for the duration of the classroom session and a whole lot more. The Mobile Guardian classroom features bring the benefits of the digital world at the teacher’s fingertips without the drawbacks.

Linking Home-owned Devices (BYOD/T)

Bring your own device and technology (BYOD/T) into the school is growing rapidly around the world. It is crucial that schools cater for this trend and allow devices to come on and off campus whether they are owned by the school or by the parent. Parents can be invited to join the Mobile Guardian platform by the school through a simple linking process.

Device control which extends to the home is more complete and guarantees that the student is fully protected. Around the clock safety for the student remains at the core of Mobile Guardian’s platform.

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