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Profiles, Restrictions & Configurations

Quickly configure your profiles and restrictions to ensure that every single device complies with your school’s policies.

Cascading granular control

With profile hierarchies, make changes at the highest level, that will instantly cascade down to your schools.

Role-based control

Set up user roles and responsibilities so that your schools and teachers can only access the features or functions that they need to.

Dynamic Restrictions

Whether the device is using school Wifi, public internet or mobile data, you can rest assured that your restrictions will always apply.

Time & location based

Switch device state based on time or location. Disable all distracting, social media apps from BYOD devices, on arrival at campus, for the duration of the school day.

Acceptable Usage Policy

Configure your restrictions across all devices and ensure your Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) is always honoured throughout your school.

Access with groups

With Mobile Guardian, you can group according to device, subject, grade, class or any age you choose. Smart groups will make life a lot easier.

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