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Mobile Guardian
in the Classroom

Easy-to-use tools that empower teachers to unlock the learning potential of mobile devices in their classrooms. Remotely ban online distractions, share your screen and keep tabs on each student’s learning journey.

Discover the difference it can make to your classroom.

The Digital Classroom

Engage students, enjoy interactive, virtual lessons and keep students focused and on-track. It’s your extra pair of eyes and hands in the classroom; your digital teaching assistant.

Interactive Classes

Create engaging classes by sharing your screen, as well as interactive content like videos, web clips and URLs.

A Flipped Classroom

Features that support distance learning or a blended approach and enable you to experiment with Flipping the Classroom.

Personalised Learning

Browser history and messaging features help support each student’s individual, learning journey.

Easy-to-use, Designed for Educators

Please note that features are OS dependent.


Perfect for focused learning environments, teachers may set exactly which apps and URL’s students may access.

Screen Views & Tab Control

Remotely oversee every piece of content accessed by a student on their devices during lessons. From your dashboard, close distracting tabs on their screens and refocus them on the correct website. 

Google Drive Integration

Integrate Google Drive & Mobile Guardian, to quickly and easily share Google drive documents with students.

Eyes Up

Get the whole class’s attention at the touch of a button. Eyes Up instantly displays a block screen on each device and requests that the student look up at the teacher.

App Usage Reports

Get a detailed report of time spent on apps, and gain clear insight into which applications students use the most.

Activity Timeline

Use the timeline to ensure all students are on the same page. Scroll back through the class to see how students spent their time and identify those who might need extra help.

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Features to help unlock the digital classroom

Please note that features are OS dependent.

Set + Push Content

Define what content the device can access such as videos, web URLs and Web Clips. Push learning content to devices during the lesson.

Instant Actions

Keep lessons on track by locking devices, forcing eyes up, messaging a student or blocking all traffic.

Single-app Mode

Set all devices to single-app mode for improved student focus during lessons, test and exams.

Web Filtering

If enabled, this allows you to grant your students temporary access to a website, as part of lesson.

App Metering

See what the devices are being used for and how much time is being spent in each application.

Event History

See all activity that occurred during a class and identify which sites your students visited.

Screen Share

From your dashboard, share your screen, or an individual student’s screen with the entire class.


Send class-wide or individual messages to students. Use this feature to send feedback on assignments.

Multi-screen Display

View screenshots of all Chromebooks in a class at once, from your dashboard.

IT Admins, Set Teachers Up for Success

I.T. administrators can configure permissions to set which actions teachers can take on the platform and remotely manage apps for quick installation.

Customise Teacher Permissions

Customise teacher permissions for actions like app installation, pushing content and modifying web filter settings. Configure controls to set teachers up for seamless in-class, device management. 

Pre-approved Apps & Installation

Lockdown school devices to a select group of apps using pre-approved lists and device groups. Teachers can swiftly select the apps they need for their lesson. Apps can auto-,or self-install.

Class Pins

Teachers can generate class pins that require the student to join the class from within the mobile app. The pin ensures that devices don’t inadvertently switch state when not in an active class.

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