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Web Filtering for

A vital, cloud-based, online protection layer for K-12 schools. Protect the entire mix of school and take home devices. A dynamic and comprehensive, CIPA-compliant solution. 

Protect Every Mobile Device, Everywhere.

Complete, cloud-based protection. Multiple web content filtering options. Secure every mobile device, no matter where it is.

Comprehensive & Dynamic

A database of over 10 billion URLs with millions of new ones added and categorised daily. 

Multiple Ways To Filter Content

There are several options when it comes to filtering web content. You can choose to filter by category, keyword, URL and Youtube channel.

On and Off Network

Filter content for devices when they’re outside of the school network. Secure and protect devices whether they are on, or off school grounds.

A Dynamic, Cloud-Based, Web Filtering Solution for K-12 Schools

1. Cloud-based Web Filter

Save money and space with a cloud-based solution. Experience a powerful web filter without an on-site network appliance.

2. Network Agnostic

Our web content filter is network agnostic and will protect mobile devices whether they’re connecting to the internet via WiFi or mobile data.

3. No Proxy Needed

With most web content filters, districts need to force and channel traffic through a proxy. As we filter the device itself, no proxy is needed.

4. Multi-language Filtering

Filter in a wide range of languages including English, Arabic, Russian, German, French, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Persian, Portuguese, Korean, Dutch and more.

5. Wildcard Domain Filtering

Using our web content filter, you’re able to easily add wildcards to your block or allow lists using *

6. Request Access

If a child attempts to access a blocked URL, a block screen appears. They can request access, which an I.T. administrator can instantly grant.

Stand-out Premium Features

Create safe online learning environments that allow students to explore and learn online, in a safe and assured way with Premium Web Filtering.

Category Filtering

Filter out websites according to their categorisation, allowing for easy broad web filtering.

Keyword Web-Filtering

Filter our webpages that contain a particular keyword in their content or URL.

YouTube Filter

Filter specific YouTube URLs, Channels or even specific YouTubers with our YouTube Web Filter.

Compliance & Regulation

Our comprehensive web content filter is CIPA-compliant and BECTA accredited. It also supports OFSTEDs efforts to safeguard children online. 




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