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When we look at the digital transformation K-12 education has experienced, a vital component to developing a 1:1 program in-line with this transformation is through student monitoring software and reporting.

In the modern classroom, understanding how students utilise their devices in class is an essential part of a K-12, 1:1 program.

To get the best out of the various apps, software, and learning platforms in use, reporting tools are integral to understanding how a student may spend their time during class.

Why Student Monitoring Software?

To get the best out of your school’s hardware and software investments, understanding how students are engaging with these investments is a crucial aspect. 

With student monitoring software, schools are able to get a glimpse into how their learners are utilising their devices. What apps they spend most of their time on, which websites are the greatest point of distraction, and more. 

This information can be incredibly important in further optimising the learning environments within a school, which through their improvement, will help students achieve their best.

Whether these devices are Chromebooks, iPads, or Android tablets, students stand to gain incredibly when using them in the modern classroom – and getting the best out of them is our main priority.

Guiding students to their best 

Relative to the district or school policies at play, educators are able to utilise the device usage data to better their digital learning program through insight gained from student monitoring software.

Upon closer inspection of device usage data, teachers and IT administrators are able to identify distracted students or students who are simply losing their way – despite giving their best. This type of insight can help teachers establish who requires assistance in class, or will benefit from behavioural correction.

Further to this insight for teachers, decision makers are able to establish which apps and other paid for learning resources are generating sufficient engagement – and gain insight into the ROI of these resources.

Additionally, the ability to correlate time spent on apps or particular websites with student performance can provide some interesting insight for educators, that upon closer inspection could yield some interesting outcomes – and betterment of their learning program.

The constant evolution of the digital classroom is a process of forever learning, and acquiring access to insight on device use, is a powerful point to begin with.

Every learning environment is unique, so acquiring information on yours makes sense!

Visibility from student monitoring software

A simple, yet effective reporting tool comes in the form of visual reporting, whereby teachers can review each of their student’s activity during class on a single screen. This allows for quick and simple oversight of whether their students were focused during class – and who was possibly more distracted during class than they should have been.

Such features allow teachers to proactively and retroactively determine whether students are following the teacher’s lesson agenda and easily identify any stuck or distracted students. 

Through retroactive access to this data, teachers, IT administrators, and decision makers can review the data at a later point and establish how to assist their students to get the best out of their learning opportunities.

For educators that are perhaps not too technically savvy, it is more than enough to ensure their students adhere to the curriculum and are learning safely.

Improving your EdTech software

When evaluating a new platform for IT admins and teachers to use, the following should be considered:

  • Device usage data
  • Presentation of data
  • Ease of use

If you are in the process of evaluating your learning platforms, request a demo of our solution to gain insight into how to leverage your hardware and software investment in your learning K-12 program. Through effective student monitoring software, your learning program stands to benefit immensely. 

Whether you’re currently in the market or simply considering options for the future, I’m always here to discuss how to ensure your students are learning to the best of their abilities.

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