Integrate Google Workspace and ASM with your classroom management software

The importance of technology in the classroom is greater than ever, and a powerful aspect of implementing devices in the classroom is the ability to integrate Google Workspace and Apple School Manager (ASM) with your classroom management software.

Over the last few years, education has rapidly become technologically inclined as schools transform from traditional teaching methods to utilizing mobile devices in the modern classroom.

Devices in the Classrooms

The predominant devices used in classrooms around the world are Chromebooks, iPads, Android devices, and MacBooks. These devices are typically enrolled in Google Workspace or Apple School Manager, before being assigned to the students.

Hardware giants like Google and Apple have dominated the educational technology space with their device management software for K-12 student device programs.

Their platforms equip teachers and technology staff with the basics for digital learning.

Schools procure devices for their students directly or through a third-party distributor, and either party ensures that the devices are preloaded with either a Google Workspace for Education or Apple School Manager license.

Google Workspace offers various software combinations depending on your industry and requirements, in the instance of education, the full name of the solution is Google Workspace for Education. For some sense of brevity, I’ll be referring to it as Google Workspace in this article and Apple School Manager as ASM.

Integrate Google Workspace and ASM with your Classroom Management software

How does the integration of Google Workspace or ASM with classroom management software benefit teachers?

It’s simple. Google Workspace and ASM can help teachers manage their student devices to a certain degree, however, there are limitations in terms of supervision of the device. 

The combination of a school enrolling student devices into Google Workspace or ASM and integrating their relevant platform with their classroom management software boosts the functionality of the two systems and provides the tools required to ensure students remain focused during class. 

The functionality provided by an integrated classroom management software ensures that students are prevented from seeking out distractions or misbehaving during school hours on their devices. 

Classroom Management Features and Functionality

There are features available with classroom management software that allow a teacher to not only view student screens in real-time, but also manage their browser tabs, devices windows, and applications. Which has an incredibly positive impact on digital learning in the modern classroom.

In addition to these functionalities, some classroom management platforms offer guided browsing that enables teachers to predefine what content students can and cannot access during lessons.

To add to the benefits mentioned, one of the important aspects of integrating Google Workspace or ASM with your Classroom Management software is that teachers can synchronize their Google Workspace rosters. Allowing for the saving of time and the addition of tremendous value to the modern classroom.

Reporting on Device Use

One of the most important aspects of K-12 education is reporting. There are an array of classroom management platforms that provide granular data on a student’s activity during lessons, which provides teachers with insight into student performance and behavior online. 

In the case of Mobile Guardian, our software compiles all your device usage insights into one dashboard, as opposed to having to seek out your desired information in various locations around the solution.

The best way to consider the difference between having devices enrolled on only Google Workspace or ASM versus enrolling the device with both MDM and classroom management and either Google Workspace or ASM, is that with one system, the device is only partially supervised, but with both the device is fully supervised. 

In other words, the teachers and staff can be confident in the online safety of their students.

Over and above safety, the teaching methods become much more seamless in the classroom or during remote learning through the use of classroom management software in combination with either Google Workspace or ASM. 

The Short Fall of only using Google Workspace or ASM

Teachers using Google Workspace or ASM have minimal options when it comes to managing their classrooms on mobile devices.

These platforms serve as a good means to manage the organizational data of the students’ devices and the users on campus. However, when it comes to conducting lessons, these platforms are not equipped with the functionality teachers require to seize students’ attention and captivate them during class time. 

Through the integration of either Google Workspace or ASM with their classroom management software, teachers can maximize the functionality of their classroom management software and kick off their digital program swiftly through the synchronization of their student and roster data sets.

Adding classroom management software to a device with Google Workspace or ASM amplifies the feature sets available, and grants teachers a hands-on approach to their digital classroom. 

These integrations grant teachers the gift of more time to spend educating and less time helping students get online. In other words, it just works. 

Achieve a Full ROI on Software Investment

You may wonder whether the investment into classroom management software has a return…

By allocating funds to add classroom management software to your learning environment, in combination with Google Workspace or ASM, teachers are given the tools to engage more directly with their students while having complete control over the devices and activities in their lessons.

Classroom management software allows schools to overcome two challenges at once; ensuring students are able to perform to the best of their abilities and that educators are alleviated of the stresses typical of teaching in the modern classroom.

Adapting to the Modern Classroom

Educational technology is swiftly cementing its role within the world of K-12 education and further developing the modern classroom.

Classroom management software along with platforms like Google Workspace and Apple School Manager creates the ideal formula for safe and effective learning in the modern classroom.

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