Restrict Content on Student Devices During Class

Are you struggling to figure out how to restrict classroom content in your class? Students tend to go off course without any restrictions online.

Teachers then face the challenge of getting their students to effectively engage. The days of a teacher calling out a pupil in front of the class to pay attention are being increasingly replaced with classroom management tools.

This can result in underachievement due to a student’s lack of focus when learning on a device. It doesn’t always stem from ill intent, it is often a student simply having the liberty to open a new tab, window, or app and feed their interests on content that isn’t related to their curriculum/lesson.

These outcomes should not come as a surprise in today’s world. Put a student, anywhere between the ages of 6 to 17, in front of a mobile device and they will use it in its full capacity – often to pursue personal interests.

So how do we ensure learners are focused in an online classroom and prevent them from going off course?

That is where the ability to restrict classroom content with classroom management software comes in handy. Some classroom management software allows teachers to predefine what content their students are able to access during a lesson.

Teachers using classroom management software to keep students focused and on task helps keep students engaged and learning during class time. As all teachers know, learning to focus during class is paramount to the success of a learner’s journey.

With the classroom management tools available today, teachers can continue to fulfill their passion for educating with the enhancements of technology benefiting their classrooms.

Through embracing technology in the classroom teachers are able to positively impact a student’s experience when learning with a mobile device, and help keep them on task and away from distraction.

K12 educators around the world are learning to adapt to classroom management software and are experiencing all the benefits that they bring to a digital classroom.

The features required to keep students focused, engaged, and on task begins with classroom management tools. By restricting content on student devices, teachers see the benefits in the performance of their students in their classroom immediately.

The ability to restrict device access to content online, as well as monitor how students utilize their devices provides teachers with clear and actionable insight into how students are using their devices during a lesson.

If your school has implemented or is currently implementing a student mobile device program, Learn by Mobile Guardian can help you reap the benefits of your 1:1 hardware investment.

Our Learn solution offers classroom management tools that provide teachers with a way to easily manage and structure lessons in a remote or physical classroom.

This includes allowing teachers to define what content a device can access during the lesson.

Explore the benefits of restricting classroom content on student devices, and start tackling these challenges with a free 14-day trial of Mobile Guardian today.

Discover some unique ways to benefit from Classroom Management Software in your classroom.


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