Visibility Into Student Devices In Class

During school time, teachers are the student’s guardians. As guardians, teachers require the right tools to gain visibility into student devices, their performance and behaviour in a digital classroom.

Today, visibility into student devices is a standardized feature of good classroom management software.

Any K-12 teacher conducting lessons with the help of mobile devices finds this feature incredibly impactful.

A cloud-based, cost-effective solution plays an important role in 1:1 and shared device programs in K-12 schools and districts. Technology directors usually evaluate mobile device management providers on a number of factors that provide a better way to tackle challenges within their K-12 environment.

Classroom management software has incredible features that help teachers keep K-12 students on task and focused and is a significant feature when evaluating the pros and cons of a mobile device management solution.

The software should not only provide a digital window into student devices but, additionally, provides features such as in-class tools and usage statistics of student activity during class.

What does Student Device Visibility mean for K-12 educators?

Gaining student device visibility provides educators with a view of a student’s device screen.

From the start of a class, teachers gain a live view of their students’ mobile device screens.

While the lesson is ongoing, teachers may use their classroom management software to view students’ screens, monitor device usage, distribute content to their class as well as review device usage reports, either during or after class.

These are just a few reasons why decision-makers in K-12 education see the value of implementing a classroom management toolset.

Standout Functionality of Classroom Management Software

Cloud-based Functionality

Cloud-based mobile device management and classroom management software provides great flexibility for educators.

This functionality allows educators to access their dashboard from wherever they may be located – without the need for onsite hardware. If the solution includes parental controls, parents are able to impact how students utilize their devices outside of school hours too.

Resulting in a solution that unites all members of a student’s educational journey.

Multi-OS Features

An impactful feature for teachers and technology decision-makers is also a multi-OS dashboard. Due to the massive backlog in device procurement, particularly at the start of the pandemic, there was a real need for prompt purchasing decisions when it came down to which mobile devices to purchase.

This issue resulted in learning programs having to make use of multiple operating systems, causing complications for teachers and IT administrators.

A multi-OS environment can be a challenge if the right software is not on hand. IT teams as well as teachers cannot easily manage and conduct lessons for ChromeOS, iOS, macOS, and Android devices if their solution is not designed for multi-OS environments.

With a cloud-based and multi-OS dashboard, educators, IT staff and even parents are able to guide learning on student devices. Once logged in, educators are able to manage devices and conduct lessons with powerful and effective tools that ensure students are focused and engaged in class – all with live visibility into student devices.

Supplying the necessary tools to teachers so they can ensure their students learn safely and at the optimal level, is a formula mobile device management companies are able to provide to K-12 educators globally.

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