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If you’re already a Mobile Guardian user and want to stop your child logging onto Facebook, then you’re in the right place.

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Your child can either access Facebook through the web browser, or through the official Facebook app. Some Android phones come with the Facebook app straight out the box and it’s a good idea to check which apps are on the phone before you give it to them.

You can either block the app completely, or allow your child to use it during certain, scheduled hours with the timetable. Here’s how to block Facebook on your child’s phone.

How to block Facebook via the web browser

  1.  Open your Mobile Guardian dashboard
  2. Click on the web security settings page
  3. In the blacklist websites section, enter “”
  4. Hit the save button

How to block Facebook app

To completely block access to Facebook

  1. Open the Mobile Guardian dashboard
  2. Navigate to application security settings
  3. View  the apps installed on the device
  4. Scroll down, select Facebook and either:
    1. Block it completely
    2. Click ‘scheduled’ to limit when it is used

To block other social media platforms using Mobile Guardian, follow the steps above. Or  you can take a look at our short, step-by-step articles on how to block Youtube, Twitter or Instagram on your child’s iPhone, Android phone or iPad.

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