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Mobile Guardian offers a complete education suite designed for education. Help your clients get the best out of their mobile device investment.

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Our Partner Program

With priority support, your own Partner Manager and support from sales and marketing, you can increase your sales and offer your customers incredible value. Our high level of support ensures you and your clients will be delighted.

A Solution Designed for Education

Mutli-OS Functionality

Mobile Guardian supports multiple operating systems. From their dashboard, your schools can manage any combination of Android, Chrome, iOS and macOS devices.

Responsive Support

Our dedicated support team is committed to replying promptly and assisting our customer and partners. Our quality support is one of our pride points!

Cloud-Based Web Filtering

Schools can effortlessly extend web-filtering to all devices, even when they leave campus. School-owned devices will uphold the school’s online safety policy whether in class, at home, or on a field trip.

Remote Control & Management

Deploy devices, reset passwords and more at the touch of a button. Install and update apps, and remove them from devices without ever leaving your desk.

Our Solutions

Your Complete Mobile Device Solution. Access Manage, Learn & Safer for a complete Multi-OS solution and device experience.

Classroom management tools purpose built for educators. Eliminate distractions and unlock the learning potential of mobile devices in the classroom.

Learn Supported by Mobile Guardian

Comprehensive and dynamic Web Filtering tools. Create safe and protected online learning environments with our CIPA-compliant Web Filter.

Safer supported by Mobile Guardian

A Multi-OS MDM solution, for comprehensive device enrollment, app management and more. Manage Chromebooks, iOS, Android & macOS devices from one dashboard.

Manage supported by Mobile Guardian

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Success Stories

Robin F

“Mobile Guardian’s support is a lot better than our previous MDM vendor. They had terrible support and so we made the switch over to Mobile Guardian.”

Schools ICT team
Digital Integration Specialist

“Mobile Guardian were very helpful in setting us up with some test accounts. They delivered excellent help throughout the testing process.”

Maria S.

"With video conferencing I can see my students, but with Mobile Guardian I can see what they are actually doing on their devices and share my screen at the same time, it’s great."

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