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ManageCloud-based, multi-OS device management to make life easier. Manage thousands of 1:1 devices, quickly action tasks, set permissions and ensure device software is up to date.

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Manage every device from one dashboard

Manage multi-os learning programs in real-time, from a single dashboard. Manage provides a mobile device management solution that makes managing countless, multi-OS devices as simple as possible.

Mobile Guardian Supports


A multi-OS MDM to enrol and manage your devices, with ease. Mobile Guardian makes the roll-out and updating of apps simple and easy, regardless of your mobile device operating systems.

Your multi-OS Environment

Benefit from Geofencing

As a cloud-based MDM, Mobile Guardian provides location-based geofencing restrictions relative to a device’s location, regardless of the internet connection. Find out more about our location-centric features.

Geofence Your Devices

Keep Devices Up-To-Date

Roll out updates for district-wide devices, from a single dashboard and ensure that your devices are maintained and up-to-date.

Maintain Your Devices

Guide Online Behaviour

Invest in a single flexible device management solution that includes Classroom management tools with Learn, supported by Mobile Guardian.

Explore Learn


Features to Simplify Your Life

Device Enrolment

Explore our multiple enrolment options for Android, iOS, Chrome OS & macOS devices.

Manage Applications

Ensure all devices remain relevant with up-to-date applications and security. Delay updates if need be too.


Utilise location configurations to limit what content a device can access, depending on its location.

Application Access

Restrict application access according to the needs of your school, whether based on location or time.

Device Updating

Rolli-out fleet-wide updates from a single dashboard for expansive, effective device management.

Device Usage Reports

Understand how students are utilising devices, and ensure that your device program caters for their needs.

Device Management

Apply rules and restrictions to your devices, depending on the needs of individual schools or classes.

Device Usage Insight

Understand how devices are being used and the amount of time students are spending on devices, and how.

Google Classroom Integration

Integrate with Google Classroom and easilysynchronise teaching content and student information to Mobile Guardian.

Apple School Manager Integration

Mobile Guardian integrates with Apple School Manager for easy set up and synchronisation of your classes information.

Content Sync

Sync your learning content with Mobile Guardian for easy distribution to your class. Whether those are books, pdfs or other content.

Lesson Sync

Sync lesson plans and content with Mobile Guardian to ensure that there is no need to double work loads for teachers.

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Your Complete Mobile Device Solution. Access Manage, Learn & Safer for a complete Multi-OS solution and device experience.

Classroom management tools purpose built for educators. Eliminate distractions and unlock the learning potential of mobile devices in the classroom.

Comprehensive and dynamic Web Filtering tools. Create safe and protected online learning environments with our CIPA-compliant Web Filter.

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Success Stories

Robin F

“Mobile Guardian’s support is a lot better than our previous MDM vendor. They had terrible support and so we made the switch over to Mobile Guardian.”

Schools ICT team
Digital Integration Specialist

“Mobile Guardian were very helpful in setting us up with some test accounts. They delivered excellent help throughout the testing process.”

Maria S.

"With video conferencing I can see my students, but with Mobile Guardian I can see what they are actually doing on their devices and share my screen at the same time, it’s great."

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