National Device Management Applications

Genius offers device management applications designed for national device management programs. Access a Centralised Command Center Dashboard designed for educational leaders and gain access to a hierarchical view of your national device program.

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Genius, selected by Singapore Ministry of Education

Mobile Guardian Supports

Tailored for Nationwide Deployments

Mobile Guardian’s Genius solution is a proven solution designed for national device programs. Selected by the Ministry of Education of Singapore, our solution is proven for nationwide deployments.

Mobile Device Management

A cloud-based, multi-OS device management solution for a single centralised command centre.

Web Filtering for Online Safety

A vital, online protective layer for K-12 schools. A comprehensive, multilingual web filtering solution to protect students online.

Classroom Management Tools

The Classroom Management Tools of Genius allow Teachers to impact their lesson and directly intervene on a student’s device.

Cross Platform Integration

Benefit from a multi-OS learning platform that integrates with all leading device management operating systems.

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Transform National Device Learning Programs.

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Proven National Device Management Functionality

Centralised Command Center Dashboard

Manage, understand and guide learning from a centralised command centre dashboard that is proven to elevate learning at a national level.

Visibility at Central, Regional and School Levels

Deploy and view device management permissions at central, regional and individual school levels.

Safe Online Learning Environments

Set restrictions for mobile devices across a national device program to ensure that all students abide by prescribed device usage policies.

Filtering of Web Content
for all Devices

Web Content Category Filtering
Web Content URL Filtering
Allow List and blocklist

Success Stories

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The Colorado district of Cañon City, just outside Colorado Springs, have rolled out their Mobile...

A Safe 1:1 Chromebook Program for Buxmont Academy, USA

Due to the pandemic and a rushed move to remote learning, Buxmont Academy needed a safe 1:1 program...

Improved customer support The King's School

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Keyword Web Filtering

Multilingual Keyword Filtering
Local Dialect Filtering
Multi-byte Web Filtering

YouTube Filtering

YouTube Category Filtering
YouTube Channel Filtering
YouTube Video Filtering

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Mobile Guardian Supports

Customer Success Stories

A Safe 1:1 Chromebook Program for Buxmont Academy, USA

Due to the pandemic and a rushed move to remote learning, Buxmont Academy needed a safe 1:1 program...

Lions Mathematics and Science Christian Academy Case Study

Due to the sudden lockdown and facing the prospect of sending devices home with students into a...

Christel House's Swift Response to Distance Learning with Mobile Guardian

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Christel House South Africa did not have a distance learning...

Classroom Management Tools

Historical Event Logging

Historical recording of events by users of Mobile Guardian and students for clear management practices.

Live Screen Views

Live screen views grants teachers with clear visibility of what students content are browsing during class.

Device Browser Tab Control

Teachers may directly intervene on wayward students by closing active tabs on their devices during class.

Activity Timeline Tracking

Understand how students utilise their devices during class with a clear overview of student behaviour during class.

Direct Student Messaging

Directly message a student or the class during class, or to request they bring their device in for maintenance.

Teacher Share Screen

Teachers may easily message and redirect students during class who may be distracted and off task.

Trigger Eyes up/down

Allow teachers to activate a lock screen to gain student attention during class.

Student Share Screen

Easily share your screen or a model students screen with the class for clear understanding and communication.

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Cross Platform Integration

Chrome Education Upgrade
Android Enterprise
Microsoft Intune
Apple School Manager

Elevate Digital Classrooms at a National Level

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