The Mobile Guardian team has been working hard behind the scenes on our latest product release. It’s packed full of enhanced features and includes a fresh update to the Mobile Guardian interface. We’ve shared some of the highlights below.

1. A more modern and intuitive interface

Our updated interface is designed to make the Mobile Guardian experience more intuitive. The fresh and modern look is something we’re proud of and we hope you like it too.


2. Improved information management & reporting

We’ve made significant updates to our information management and reporting features. We’ve added advanced filtering on all major tables, as well as the ability to save your configured filters. To make your reporting even easier, you can now export your data in several formats including PDF, Excel, CSV and Word.


3. Greater visibility over application syncs

In response to our users, we’ve added the ability to view the Application Sync progress per application. With this view, you’ll be able to quickly identify if there are any pending app installations. You can then discover what might be causing the issue. This view lets you find and solve issues a lot faster and saves you valuable time too.

4. The district / multi-school dashboard

Developed with our users, the dashboard addresses specific mobile device management (MDM) challenges facing school districts in the United States.  Our users needed a single dashboard with centralised control of all mobile device activity across their schools. Not only this, but they wanted to ensure that control couldn’t be overridden at the school level.


If you’d like to take the Mobile Guardian platform for a spin, you can sign up for our free trial.



Robyn Hobson

Team Mobile Guardian


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