Case Study: An easier way to manage iPads

Hello and welcome to our latest update! This post shines the spotlight on one of our customer case studies. We asked the  Schools ICT team at North Yorkshire County Council to share their Mobile Guardian experience with us.

Below is the highlights package. If you’d like a bit of bedtime reading, you can download the entire case study here.

The Challenge

North Yorkshire County Council needed an easier way to manage iPads for their schools. They wanted to remove having to drive to school sites to accomplish quick and easy tasks. However,  their schools and school staff relied on these regular visits to install new content.  Lessons were potentially affected as school staff were unable to manage the devices themselves. In short, North Yorks needed a way reduce the cost of supporting school iPads and enable school staff to easily install apps from a cloud interface.

Ultimately, they wanted to save both themselves and their schools time and money, as well as deliver a more efficient service.

The Solution

After researching a number of MDM options, they chose Mobile Guardian to manage their iPads remotely. When compared with other vendors, they enjoyed our demo and testing process and found the team very helpful.


Mobile Guardian were very helpful in setting us up with some test accounts. They delivered excellent help throughout the testing process.

The initial webinars and on-site setup of our first installation allowed us to quickly grasp how we wanted the system to benefit us and enabled us to achieve this with efficiency. This resulted in our pilot scheme customers actively engaging and using the MDM immediately.


North Yorkshire County Council believe the Mobile Guardian MDM platform will significantly reduce their customer response times and costs for delivering mobile device support.


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