AI Analytics for K-12
Device Reporting

Mobile Guardian’s AI-based Analytics tools bring sophistication and accuracy to device usage insights in K-12 schools. By utilising machine learning data analysis, large amounts of data may be processed to provide Schools with insight into device usage quickly and accurately.
For release in 2024.

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Mobile Guardian Supports

Decipher Data with AI Analytics.

Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Guardian will provide insight and clarity into student behaviour and device use in the modern classroom.

Utilise Modern Technology for Incredible Insight

Through the use of machine learning and big data, Mobile Guardian will allow for easy access to powerful and insightful summative information in your data.

Understand Student Behaviour and Device Usage

Through the use of AI Analytics, new patterns and relationships in your data may be easily and quickly uncovered for precision decision-making.

Set Limitations on Distractions

With easily accessible data educators will identify troublesome content and limit student access through the use of Mobile Guardian’s Web Filter and Application Management functionality.

Transform the Modern Classroom with Modern EdTech

Leverage modern Educational Technology to create sophisticated learning experiences via a secure gateway to knowledge, development, and growth for your students.

Understand Your Modern Classroom with AI

Analytical Data at Scale

With AI based Analytical tools, schools can leverage incredible amounts of data at a time.

Data Insights at Speed

By utilising machine learning, and processing data on hand, AI Analytical tools are able to present extensive insight at speed.

Unrivalled Accuracy

Empower teachers and administrtors to benefit from the accuracy of AI, through the adaptive and learning capabilities of machine learning.

Multi-Language Filtering

Filter in a wide range of languages including English, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Simplified, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Portuguese, Korean, Dutch and more

Network Agnostic

As a network agnostic web filter, devices are protected whether they’re connecting to the internet via school WiFi or mobile data.

Integrate with Ease

Whether Online or Offline, Mobile Guardian offers device management functionality that transforms learning environments globally.

Guarantee Insight with Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Guardian

Allow educators to understand their classroom like never before with Artificial Intelligence Analytics in the modern classroom.


Category Web Filtering

Set your Mobile Guardian to filter by category to provide far-reaching filtering for your classrooms.

Application Management

Restrict access to particular AI-based applications to limit devices effectively.

Domain Filtering

Aware of a specific website domain that utilises AI? Simply restrict that domain.

Compliance & Regulation

Our comprehensive web content filter is CIPA-compliant and BECTA accredited. It also supports OFSTEDs efforts to safeguard children online.

Web Filter Compliance

Transform your device

management program

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