Best Practices to Maintain Classes in Google Classroom

Hey fellow educators! Let’s talk about tidying up our Google Classroom spaces and bid farewell to our digital learning adventures. Let’s dive into some practical tips to make sure we leave our virtual classrooms spick and span, ready for the next round of eager learners.

Returning Their Hard Work

It provides a sense of closure to the academic year, allowing both teachers and students to celebrate achievements and acknowledge growth. Recognizing accomplishments, no matter how small. Don’t be scared to share the load. If you have co-teachers or teaching assistants, share the cleanup load. Teamwork makes the digital dream work!


Farewell Graduates and Transferring Students:

Let’s tidy up your class list by saying farewell to students who’ve graduated or moved on. It is important to remove the students from the classroom, as it simplifies user management for the teacher, reducing the number of inactive or irrelevant student accounts in the Google Classroom. This makes monitoring and engaging with the current students easier.

Head to the respective class and select the People tab and give them a virtual wave goodbye.


Mastering Class Archiving Techniques

Archiving your Classes is a proactive step in maintaining a well-organised and efficient digital learning environment. Everyone likes a good Spring Clean.

You pack away those classes with ease by selecting the Classroom kebab and selecting the Archive button.

However, like most things, we might need them again. You can restore those classes to their former glory when needed by simply selecting the Archived Classes button in the left navigation menu. Clicking the kebab and selecting Restore.

The end of one adventure is the beginning of the next. For more information, you can head over to our Best Practice article – How to Maintain Classes in Google Classroom.

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